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Colours Pleasures Silicone Double Dildos - Video Review

Join Betty's Manager while she shows off two of the gorgeous double dildos from the Colours Pleasures line by NS Novelties. These two different styles and sizes are sure to please and if you want to shop, visit Betty's Toy Box at the link below



Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box. And today we are going to talk dildos. And specifically, we're going to talk about these two dildos that are from the Colours Pleasures line with NS Novelties, and it's one of our very favorite lines of Betty's because it's silicone, right? That means that it's body safe and non-porous, and you can get it really clean, which is really important when you're dealing, especially with dildos where you might want to be sharing it with a partner.

So let's take a look at these two, and I'm going to show you some of the features. Now this is the first one. So as you can see, it maintains that U shape to it, right? It's about one and a half wide on this side and about one inch wide on that side. So this is going to be about 6.5 inches of insertable length.

And this is about six. It holds pretty sturdy, like I said, it's silicone. So this is a single pour silicone. And that means that they just do the whole mold, like all filled with this silicone. So it's flexible, but it's not squishy. So you're not going to have a squish to it.

Now this can be really great if you're wanting to use this for one person with double penetration, because it's going to kind of stay more, you're putting it as you're using it. Right. It has enough bend though, that you can try and use it with two people. But ideally what they're looking for is the larger end is going to be for vaginal insertion. And this is going to be for anal, but do whatever you want that makes you happy. Seriously. Dildos are a really, really versatile toy. Like I said, you know, you've got this super stretch.

So the other really great thing about them is it stretches enough that you can use one side or the other singularly. Right. This also makes for a really great grip in between when you're using it. So I really, really like that.

Now, let me show you this one. This is a 12 inch, and as you can see, it's fairly slim and it has some ridging on it and really tapered tips to it. Right? So what you're looking at for this one is you can also bend it, right? You can use it for double penetration for yourself, but it's a lot harder to kind of keep it in place like that. If you're looking for double penetration, just on one person, you're going to want to use something like this.

So this is made more to have two partners, right? One on either end. So this is about a 12 inch length and it's one and a quarter here at the tip. So it's fairly narrow. And again, this is a complete one-pour silicone. So it's flexible, but not squishy, right? So particularly if you're using this for say vaginal penetration, you know, it's got that nice tapered tip. This is gonna make it easier to go in.

I would be really careful using this for anal. There's nothing stopping it from over inserting, which is an issue you're not going to have with this one, because just the sheer fact that it's curved like this means that you can't over insert and have it kind of get lost where it shouldn't be. So, this is also really great for people who want an actual, like for some vaginal penetration, but maybe you have some mobility issues or, you know, a larger body where you need that kind of reach.

It has enough solidity. See when I'm turning it. It's not, it's not going to be completely floppy. So it has enough kind of structure to it that you can use it, have this as a handle and this to insert. So again, a nice nod to some veining and texture on it, but pretty much like a semi-final like I would say, and the same with this one, maybe this one's more phallic. It has more veining on it, but these are two fantastic dildos from NS Novelties and their Colours Pleasures line. They are 100% medical grade silicone, which means you can use them with any lubricant, even silicone lube, if that's what you like to use. They are latex free and completely non-porous, so they can be disinfected.

So these are two really fantastic options. If you're looking for some kind of double play, we have the entire line, you can get it at Betty's.


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