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Colours Silicone Dildos Full Range Video Review

 Colours dildos are a huge favorite here at Betty's. They come in a multitude of both bright and realistic tones, they are made of body safe silicone, and they have fantastic suction cups. Join Betty's Manager to learn all about the Colours line of dildos from NS Novelties
You can find Colours dildos at the link below. 


Hey everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box. And today we are talking about my favourite line of dildos, which is the Colours line from NS Novelties.

Now, why are these a favourite? Well, let me tell you, we don't have anything else that has the amount of variety and size and style. And every single one is in an amazing high-quality silicone that's compatible with all lubricants. So let me just give you a little rundown of what's available in the Colours line. And then if you're interested, I'm going to be doing some individual videos on a lot of the styles that you're going to see here. So make sure you come to the store and check them out.

So let's get started. Right? So the one thing I really love about Colours is, go figure, their colours, right? They have bright purples, pinks, they have blues, and then they have a whole bunch of flesh tones as well. So that is one thing that you're going to absolutely love about it.

Now this is actually four inches. What a great beginner dildo. And then you've got this one, which is actually eight inches and that's insertable length. Okay. That's the amount that you can put in your body, eight inches, four inches. So they have everything for, you know, levels of size and challenge down to the absolute beginners.

But there's more so the other thing that they have, is Girth. So this is a really girthy one without balls. This is a girthy one with balls. It's thicker, right? So if you liked that stretch and you like that challenge, look for Colours Girth, they're all made of this single-density silicone. So they're super flexible and they have a little bit of squish to them, but they're really solid. So they're going to hold up. Well in harnesses, these are fantastic for harness play. Plus you can use them vaginally or anally. Disinfect them in between of course, but because they're silicone, they're non-porous and they're body safe.

So then you're going to get into the Yum Yum. These are new. These are so fun. Look at the patterns on that. Again, this is that single-pour silicone. So if you want something that still has some things in ridges, but as super fun, look for the Yum Yum.

Okay, wait, there's more. Then you get into the Pride. Oh my gosh. Look at these. This is an eight-inch insertable, and this is their six-inch in their Wave style. So there are other colours in the Wave as well. You can get purple. You can get pink, but look at these, the bright, bright, bright colours, all in that body-safe silicone again. The perfect non-fat shape here, which is amazing for any kind of harness placement. And these suction cups are second to none. You could pick up a table with the suction cups on these. They're absolutely phenomenal.

So now let's get into the things that can make you go, ooh, okay. Double Density. They have two styles. You can get the ones like this that still have that pliance. And then you can get ones like this that are a little more solid. They still have that bend to them as well. Again, all in that body-safe silicone. So you can share them with a partner, just disinfect them in between, have all kinds of fun with them. And now these are, I have to say my absolute favourite. These are good dual-density silicone. So if you're looking for something ultra realistic, this is what you're going to want.

Okay? So this is a super flexible and you can see the squishiness of this. Dual density means it's got a firmer core inside. That's still flexible, but then another core of silicone on the outside that gives it that squish and this suction cup. I just had a hard time getting it off the table before I started this video.

So there you go. If you want flesh tones, if you want colour, if you want double penetration, if you want to show your pride and if you want girth, you can't go wrong with the Colours Pleasures silicone by NS Novelties. You can get them at Betty's.


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