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Dame Sex Oil for Intimate Massage with Melatonin Video Review

Join Betty's manager while she talks about Dame Sex Oil. This sexy massage oil will sweep you away into a world of sensual relaxation and intimate pleasure. Formulated for a relaxing full-body massage, Sex Oil sets the mood so you can move effortlessly from massage to more. To get your very own Dame Sex Oil follow the link below



Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's, and hang onto your hats, cuz today we are going to talk about Sex Oil from Dame Products.

Now, this is a company that we love at Betty's. They stand for great things. They make wonderful products: vibrators, dildos, clitoral vibrators, air pulsation, you name it, and now they've taken a foray into intimacy oils.

So let's take a closer look at Sex Oil. Now, I don't usually do a lot of lubes and lotion and stuff like that, but I felt like I had to talk about this because this is such a great product from top to bottom. So, glass bottle: love it!

The smell of this is absolutely amazing. It's sandalwood and cardamom, which are the two scents that I absolutely love: really natural, not heavy and cloying.

So the carrier for this now, if you know anything about essential oils and things like that, a carrier oil is what the main base of this is. So the main base of this is jojoba oil.

It also contains melatonin, so that when you massage it into the skin, it's gonna sink in there and be even more relaxing in such a sensuous, wonderful experience. Now, the oil is a really light-feeling oil. I'm gonna show you on my hand, just gonna pump out a little bit there, gonna rub it in. It feels and smells absolutely amazing.

Now, the formulation of this is doctor-proof. What that means is that it is safe. If you're going to get this in your vulva, a lot of massage oils, you don't really wanna do that oil plus vaginal flora. Not a really great idea. But this is okay.

In fact, it feels quite lovely. You can also leave it on the skin because it's so light. It just kind of soaks in. It just feels so silky and luxurious.

Now the other thing you need to know about this is that it is cruelty free and vegan. I love that about it as well. Now, any kind of oil, you need to know, it's not gonna be compatible with latex condoms. It will cause them to break down. That's not just this oil, that's any kind of oil, your Vaseline or any other oil-based lubricants, massage oils, anything like that. It's a no-no with latex condoms.

But let me just show you closer up here. So jojoba oil is your base. Then you've got kava kava root, melatonin, and damiana. And then you've got the scent of sandalwood and cardamom.

This is just an absolutely lovely intimate oil. First foray into this kind of thing by Dame Products. I can't recommend it highly enough. I just, the smell right now is absolutely stunning.

So, you can get this lovely Sex Oil by Dame Products at Betty's.


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