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Discreet Sex Furniture for Next Level Fun

Sex furniture may sound like something big and intimidating but there are lots of fun items out there that are not only discreet but can even blend into your living spaces with style! In fact, many items are so discreet and multi-functional, you will find yourself using them all around the house even when you’re not naked!

Sex furniture is more than just a way to experiment with new positions, it can be a game changer for anybody with mobility issues, pain, or for older folks who need a boost achieving their favorite positions. With washable covers, high quality materials, and ingenious design, the uses for sex furniture can be endless.

Let's look at some of our absolute favorite pieces here at Betty's that will blend in with your life discreetly and give your sex life a boost. 


These cute, and fun pillows from Liberator can stay right out in the open because their shapes make them look like decorative accents and throw pillows. Don't be fooled though. They contain a firm foam and slanted sides that make them ideal for boosting your booty, hips, or neck.

Liberator Kiss Wedge Sex Cushion in purple


The Liberator Kiss Wedge is vibrant and fun with a look that can fit in with any quirky, lighthearted décor. The sides are thicker on this wedge so you can get a real boost to your hips or use it as a prop under you for more comfortable doggie style action.

Liberator Décor Heart Wedge in pink


The Liberator Décor Heart Wedge comes in four colours from sensual merlot to vibrant pink so you will be sure to find the perfect color to match your favorite room for sexy fun times. The covers are removeable and washable, with a waterproof under-layer so you can really give this Heart a workout.


Really good sex furniture is an investment, which is why we love the dual uses for these items so you can keep them hidden in plain sight.

Dame Pillo sex positioning cushion


Dame Pillo is not only a back and hip booster during sex, but it also makes a fantastic lap desk for working in bed or on the couch. You can slip it behind your back on a chair too! The cover comes off for washing


Liberator Flip Ramp


Liberator Flip Ramp looks like a square foam footstool but folds out into a fantastic extended, curved form that gives you a boost in any position from doggie style to oral and anything else you can think of!

Liberator fascinator throw sex blanket


The Liberator Fascinator Throw looks like a velvety blanket, but it is in fact a waterproof wonder that will save your sheets from your wettest adventures. You can leave it right on your bed all the time and nobody will be the wiser.  


Yes, sex furniture can even look like something you would use for non-sexy stretching and sweating. Take these two favorites for example:


Jaz motion sex positioning pillow by liberator

Jaz Motion features a flat bottom and rounded top making which means it can move with your body on every thrust or lay flat and boost you up. Its manageable size and bright colors make it look like a piece of yoga or Pilates equipment.

Liberator whirl sex positioning wedge


Liberator Whirl looks like a bolster you would use for releasing tension in your back or other sore muscles which means it can be stored in plain sight without raising eyebrows. Only you will know that it is a multi-functional prop that rocks and rolls with you during a very different kind of workout.


Not all sex furniture is small, but if you want to make an investment, there are pieces out there that are so stylish and so discreet, nobody will suspect a thing.


Esse Tantric Sex Lounger


The Esse Tantric Sex Lounger looks stunning in any bedroom or sitting room and features a headrest that works either for raising the knees or for neck support. The mini scoop cushion eliminates the center dip, making the Esse flatter, resembling a regular chaise.






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