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The Doxy 3 Wand Video Review


DOXY Number Three is a smaller wand with a big difference. Unlike many traditional wands on the market, the biggest feature of the Number Three is it’s removable head. The silicone and metal head cap can be unscrewed and cleaned as you would other silicone & metal toys, without any fear of harming the wand itself.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys it's Carolyn. I'm the product manager at Betty's Toy Box and today I'm going to show you the new Doxy 3. If you're not familiar with Doxy, it's a European company. It took a little bit longer to kind of catch on over in North America but now that they're starting to get some footing I have to say I'm really glad that that we were able to bring these in because they're just a stunningly powerful, wonderful wand.

So, the Doxy wand is a plug-in wand. It's going to plug into the wall. It's not rechargeable. The reason for this is just sheer power. You're just not going to get the same kind of power out of a rechargeable that you're going to get out of something that's going to be plugged into the wall. And is this ever a powerful wand.

Now, you can see that it's got this lovely silver finish. It's actually a brushed aluminum; makes it a little bit on the heavier side. It's about 12 ounces holding in the hand. If you have mobility issues or arthritis you might find this a little on the heavy side although having said that if you're using it near somebody with a  clitoris you can kind of you know get it into place and just leave it there because the vibration is so strong that it's going to carry through to the clitoris and almost throughout your entire pelvis without really having to put much effort into keeping it in place. 

So, I'm going to show you the buttons. They're made of silicone - really simple. You have the on and then the power up. I'll give you a quick run through of the power settings that make it a bit noisy, so I'm not probably going to talk through this but let's have a listen. Now, we're going to go up. We've got eight. So, it starts out really nice and kind of low; a gentler vibration although really deep and rumbly. And now we're going to go up. Quick touch and it goes off. So that was eight levels of power. The top ones are incredibly strong, and it is a really deep rumble - none of this buzzy business - that's not going to get the job done.

This is an orgasm machine and because it's slightly shorter than other Doxys but also other wands in general it is a little bit easier to maneuver. In terms of attachments for this wand, yeah it is compatible with the ones that go on the Palm Power wands although Doxy themselves don't have any attachments. So, the head is smaller than say a magic wand or the larger Doxys, which goes with the shorter stature in general.

Now the other fantastic feature this is silicone. It also will just screw right off so you can take it and you can wash it. What a fantastic feature right? Because when you have a wand that isn't submersible, and it's not waterproof it is still nice to have part of it you can take right off, and you can get it super clean.

So, if you're looking for a really fantastic really strong wand that's going to guarantee you some really mind-blowing orgasms then I highly highly recommend this new Doxy. It's the number three with the brushed aluminum and you can get it at Betty's.


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