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Fleshstixxx Ultra Realistic Silicone Dildos Video Review

Join Betty's manager while she talks about the amazingly realistic new line of Fleshstixxx silicone dildos. Not only is every Fleshstixxx dildo ultra realistic, with a a variety of skin tones, shapes and sizes, they have an inner core of Silexpan, a thermo reactive new silicone gel material along with a silky outer silicone core. 

What does this mean? Fleshstixxx dildos will perform beyond your wildest fantasies


Video Transcript

It's Carolyn. I'm the manager of Betty's, and it's been a while since I've done a video.

I'm introducing you to the new line that we just got in: it's called Fleshstixxx. And this is a really neat line because first of all, it's a hundred percent body-safe silicone.

The inside is filled with something called Silexpan. So it's a dual-density kind of feel, and it's very malleable and bendy, but also super realistic. See, it's got all the veining in the shaft, and it's got a nice strong suction cup.

The thing with Silexpan, as I bend this every which way, is that it's thermoreactive. What that means is you can cool it off, or run it under really cold water; you could probably even put it in the freezer for a little bit.

This is going to get super hard right now. It's kind of squishy. I'm in a moderate temperature. If you heat it, 'cause you can heat it as well, it'll get even softer and squishier. It's a really amazing feeling because it does have that kind of like squish to it.

It comes in sizes from six inches all the way up to ten inches, three different skin tones. Like I said, body safe, silicone, really happy to bring these in, harness compatible. So they're fantastic for strap-on play or for pegging.

Some of them have balls, some of them don't. This is one line that I'm really excited about. So there you go, the brand is Fleshstixxx.

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