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Get More Thrills Without Pills: Betty’s Top Picks for Stimulation, Delay, and Enhancement

Stimulation, delay, and enhancement sprays, gels, and creams for the penis are a great way to last longer in bed, combat premature ejaculation, or make your erection harder without reaching for little blue pills. There are hundreds on the market so it can be difficult to decide which to try and which will be the most comfortable and effective for yourself and your partner. 

Ingredients can be varied and confusing as well, so read the label and make sure you or your partner are not allergic to anything being used. Even products with natural ingredients can still irritate sensitive skin. 

Delay products come in two varieties. They either contain Benzocaine or Lidocaine for a numbing effect, or they have natural ingredients that provide the same effect. The idea is that if you have reduced feeling, you can last longer. These products are a good choice for anybody who experiences premature ejaculation or who generally wants to last longer with their partner. 

Enhancement and Stimulation products contain ingredients that are going to promote more blood flow and sensation to the penis. Each company has their own formulation, but generally these products are a good choice for anybody who has trouble getting or maintaining an erection. 

All of these products should be used as directed and please read the list of ingredients before you use them. 

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Wicked Overtime Delay Gel for the Penis 

This tasteless gel uses 5% Benzocaine for a slight numbing effect. This formulation was carefully crafted by the team at Wicked for a slight lessening of sensation without extensive numbing. You need to apply it to your penis 5-10 minutes - or until it is fully absorbed - before intercourse. Once it has been absorbed, you can have intercourse with your partner without them feeling the effects. This is a great gel for anybody who wants a more subtle numbing effect. You can even have oral performed on you after using it with no transference. 

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Dynamo Ejaculation Delay Spray for the Penis

Dynamo has 13% lidocaine so it will give you a much more intense numbing sensation than the Wicked Overtime. This is a spray, and one pump is considered a dosage. They recommend aiming for the most sensitive area of your penis and concentrating the spray there. Again, you want to let this dry for 5 - 10 minutes before having intercourse. This spray has a more extreme numbing effect and may work if you are very sensitive and have premature ejaculation.

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Jo Prolonger Natural Penis Desensitizing Gel 

If you want to take a more natural approach, this Jo Prolonger contains natural desensitizers like patchouli oil, allspire, and peppermint. This thick, creamy gel stays where you put it and needs 3 - 5 minutes to absorb before intercourse. This is a great product for premature ejaculation and for couples who don’t want benzocaine or lidocaine containing products. 

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Mojo Penis Stimulating Gel with Niacin & Ginseng

If you want to increase your sensitivity for stronger, longer orgasms, this Mojo gel gives a cooling, tingling sensation that will heighten arousal, using both niacin and ginseng which are natural stimulants. This gel is menthol free, so less irritating to skin, and condom compatible, making it great for couples. 

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Ride Bodyworx Rise Penis Stimulating Gel

Rise uses natural ingredients to open up the blood vessels in the penis, promoting more blood flow and longer, harder erections. Instead of numbing, it uses Peppermint, Sweet Almond, and Menthol to cause increased stimulation and to help get your harder faster and for longer. 

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