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Go Big or Go Home: Betty's Largest Vibrators Ranked for Your Pleasure

Large vibrators are not as common as you may think and often a vibrator can look bigger in a picture than it really is, leading to some major disappointment. So, if you are a lover of thick girth or challenging length (or both!), read on and let Betty show you the best of the best in long, girthy vibrations.


Remember that vibrators are often not as flexible as dildos due to the internal motors, so if you go too big, it may be uncomfortable. Lots of great water-based lubricant is going to help with comfort as well.

If you have used insertable toys before, measure them and work up in increments to something larger. Read the product descriptions where there will be girth and width listed.


The average erect penis is between 5.16 inches in length and 4.59 inches in girth at the widest point (that’s 1.46 inches in width)



Au Naturel Home Wrecker Sensa Feel Vibrating Dildo

If you want girthy (6.3 inches around) in something softer, the Home Wrecker is great. The TPR material is spongy and realistic feeling for a more comfortable take on a large vibrator. It also comes in two realistic flesh tones with lots of lifelike details.

Fun Factory Big Boss Thick Vibrator

These are thicker vibes with a firmer shaft since they are made of silicone and an incredibly powerful motor. With a 5.7-inch girth, you get great filling feeling with a 6.5 inch insertable length. Still larger than average in length but not excessive. With 3 colors to choose from, there should be a Big Boss perfect for you.

Satisfyer Vibes Master XXL Rechargeable Vibrator

Very similar to the Big Boss, this firmer dildo has a 5.8-inch girth and 6.7 insertable inches. The head is extra defined for those of you who love a lot of feeling on penetration and the handle is flexible to let you keep a good grip on your pleasure. 

Swan Wand Powerful Double Ended Vibrator

Although this is a wand, either end can be inserted, with the larger end measuring a whopping 6.3 inches in girth. Keep in mind that each end is completely firm with absolutely no give, so you need to be a pro to use this one internally but the payoff is unbelievably powerful vibrations. 


Au Naturel Magnum Sensa Feel Vibrating Dildo

This realistic vibrator has an easy-to-use turn dial on the base and a whopping 8.5 inches of insertable length. The TPR is soft and realistic feeling, which makes the 5.6 inches of girth more comfortable to use.

Powercocks Girthy 8 Inch Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Long and veiny with a surprising amount of power, this vibrator comes in 4 deliciously realistic skin tones. The buttons are easy to use, and the shaft has just a slight bit of give and bend.

Ass Thumpers Large Realistic Vibrator with Handle

Despite the name, this vibe works great vaginally as well with a fantastic curve that will hit either a prostate or a g-spot. This thrusting vibrator has a girth of 4.7 inches at narrowest and 5.5 inches at widest but a filling 6.75 inches of insertable length to give you a good, deep pounding


Double Thump Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo

This is our longest vibrator with the smallest overall girth. With a whopping 14.5 inches overall, the Double Thump can be a shareable double dildo, but you can keep it all to yourself as well. With an average sized girth of 4.7 inches, you can challenge yourself in depth without an uncomfortable stretch



Power Pounder 10.75 Inch Vibrating and Thrusting Dildo

This thruster has a filling 6.75 inches of insertable length and 5.8 inch plus it’s made of body safe silicone. The ribbed handle is great for keeping your grip when the action heats up, which is pretty much guaranteed with this Pounder


Colt Deep Drill Vibrating 8 Inch Silicone Dildo

This is a step up in length and girth from the Power Pounder with 8 inches of insertable length and a girth of 6.3 inches. We love that the shaft is still flexible despite its length and internal motors, plus it’s made of body safe, non-porous silicone.


King Cock Vibrating 10-inch Suction Cup Dildo with Balls

This is the biggest, thickest vibrator available on Betty’s. With a stunning 8 inches of insertable length and a hefty girth of 7 inches, the vibrations are controlled through a turn dial at the base. Coated in a flexible PVC material, this whopper is available in 2 stunning flesh tones.

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