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Betty's Guide to Building Your Own Sex Room

One of the most talked about shows this summer has been Netflix’s How to Build a Sex Room. It gives us a glimpse into the lives of folks wanting to take sex and play beyond their bed and incorporate it as part of their lifestyle and home décor. Whether you have an entire room that can be designated as a dungeon, or a small space to transform into your own sexy sanctuary, we have some of the basic trappings and toys to help get you started. Be sure to use the coupon code SEXROOM to save 10% off whatever you feel best fits your aesthetic and appetite.  


Furniture designed specifically for sex may strike some as a bit frivolous. When you see the positions that the couples are able to achieve on a tantric lounger such as the Esse, a whole new world of possibilities and pleasure opens up. Not every house has the room for a huge playscape or bondage structure, so if you need discreet the Bondi Board is a great option. Both versatile and portable, it's a bondage table that can either be left on display or tucked away. Strap your lover down to any one of the 16 reinforced restraint attachment points and included cuffs. 

If Mike and Melanie are a little too busy to come and install a custom made swing or pole for you, no sweat! You don't need to be a true DIYer to add these to your space. The Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Swing simply hooks over your door without the need for tools. The dance pole requires little more than a screwdriver and drill to secure it in place. If you're looking to take it to the next level and really put on a show for your partner, we have a light up pole as well. 
Rope and restraints allow you to delve into power play dynamics. Keep your lover captive with these comfortable and adjustable cuffs. Strap them to the bed with this 8 point restraint system. Try your hand at Shabari. There are so many colors and lengths of rope to choose from. Learn the art of these beautiful and intricate knots from the book Back on the Ropes.  

Impact Play 

Impact play arouses the senses and allows you to push boundaries and explore the lines between pain and pleasure. Do you like to be spanked, flogged or perhaps something a little more electrifying? Are you a dom, sub or switch? Explore your style of kink with suggestions from 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do.

Fetish Wear 

Bring your fantasies to life with items in our fetish wear collection. From an ornate chest harness to clamps, collars and pin up style thigh highs, you'll have fun kinking it up a notch with any of these pieces that can also be used to adorn your space as well. 

Pleasure Products

Melanie sure isn't shy about her love of sex toys. If you were wondering what that shiny silver butt plug is shown in several episodes, it's the Njoy Pure Plug. The le Wand Feel My Power Wand is also featured, as is the Womanizer Premium 2. If you haven't yet tried an air pulsation vibe, now's the time.  






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