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How to Clean Your Vibrators: A Video Tutorial

Keeping your vibrators clean is going to help you stay happy and healthy, plus it will make them last longer! Join Betty's manager while she explains how to get your vibrators squeaky clean and which products are the best for the job at hand! You can grab any of the vibrators and toy cleaners shown in the video at the links below


California Dreaming Palisades Passion Dual Stimulation Warming Vibrator 

California Dreaming Oceanside Orgasm Sucking and Vibrating Rabbit 

Wicked Foam N Fresh Toy Cleaner 8oz 

Toy Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil 

California Dreaming Long Beach Bootylicious Dual Stimulation Vibrator 

Afterglow Multipack Intimate Cleansing Tissue 


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn for Betty's, and today we are going to talk about how to clean your vibrators. I'm going to demonstrate on this beauty (California Dreaming Palisades Passion Dual Stimulation Warming Vibrator) and a couple of others because I think rabbits are a great demo since they've got lots of nooks and crannies. So, let's get started.

The number one way that you can clean your vibrators, is with soap and water. Use a gentle soap, something that wouldn't irritate your vulva. You can just use some soap and water and give it a real scrubby dub. Pay a lot of attention to the nooks and you'll get it really clean.

You need to know if your toys are waterproof. Before you do that though. If you don't know, then one of the next methods is probably going to be better for you.

So, I'm going to move on, use another vibrator. Now this one happens to be waterproof, but I'm going to show you because it does have the little hole here that's a suction hole (California Dreaming Oceanside Orgasm Sucking and Vibrating Rabbit.) That is the kind of thing that you want to keep an eye out for.

If you aren't sure, this is a California Dreaming Oceanside Orgasm, and it is waterproof. But if it wasn't, or if you're not sure, then something like an antibacterial toy cleaner is going to be your friend. So, this Wicked Foam N Fresh is cool because it foams so it's not going to get all over the place. And then I get in there and give it a good scrubby dub with my hands. Then I'm going to get paper towel, which are here and I'm going to wipe it off. So, if this was not waterproof, you would want to be careful of areas with openings, the buttons, or any kind of charging ports, because those are going to be your weak spot for water, okay?

You could still use soap and water on something that's not waterproof. You can wet a paper towel with some soap. You can do the same scrubby dub and just make sure that you're not submerging it or getting water into the places where it shouldn't be. Okay?

Now here's another method that I like. This is a spray toy cleaner (Toy Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil) and I'm moving on to another toy with even more nooks and crannies. This is the Long Beach Bootylicious. This is a waterproof toy as well. I'm just going to show you. So, with a spray, you can really like get into all those nooks, right? And then give it a good old spray, rub it all in there, make sure that you're drying it really thoroughly, including drying it in the nooks. Your little crevices are where bacteria, old lube and bodily fluids are going to hang out. And even if your toys are silicone like these, there are crusties that can still get into these little spots.

If they're not silicone, you need to clean them even more because they could potentially be porous, and nobody wants things lurking in the materials. So before, after you use every toy, make sure you give it a clean. Why before and after? Well, do you have somewhere that's completely dust free and sealed to store your toys? Probably not. So, you've got dust, you've got pet hair, you've got whatever's going on in your drawers that can get on your toys. And if you don't wash them before you use them, that's going to end up in your body and we don't want that.

Now, if all of this seems like a great big old mess and pain, then you can get something like these Afterglow Wipes. They’re pH balanced. So, they're actually gentle enough that you can wipe your vulva with it. But they are also great for cleaning your toys.

So, you can just take them out your drawer, give it a good old wipe down. Now if you're using any kind of spray cleaners or wipes, I would still recommend taking your favorite toys and giving them a good wash with some soap and water once in a while just to make sure that there's no residue on them. But basically, as long as you're doing some kind of washing before and after, it means that your toys are going to last longer, and you are going to have a better time with them because you don't have to worry about any kind of bacteria where it shouldn't be. So, easy peasy. Even if you don't know if your toys are waterproof, you can still use some of these methods and get a really good clean on them so that you and your vulva can be happy and healthy.


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