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How to Use Matrix Anal Beads - A Video Review

Curious about anal beads but afraid to try them? Join Betty's manager for a look at these gorgeous Matrix beads that have tons of texture but are flexible enough for booty beginners. They even have a flexible finger loop so you never have to worry when the action heats up. You can get your very own Matrix beads at the link below 


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn and I am going to talk to you about these Anal Adventures Matrix Loop Plugs. Now, not only are these gorgeous, but they have some really amazing features that I'm a huge, huge fan of. So, let's take a look.

This is the first one. This is the spiral loop plug. Now, if you're not really that experienced with the idea of anal beads or anal plugs, then this is what would be considered maybe an anal plug, an anal bead really because it is kind of textured or beaded. What do you do with it? Well, you'll see here that it has this really big loop handle. And so I'm going to show you what you can do with this kind of plug.

I have my handy dandy stunt butt, and I'm going to use some water-based lube. This happens to be Swiss Navy. I'm just going to put it on the butt just to make it easier because I only have so many hands. But what you would do is you would get some lube and you'd put it on the anus, and then you'd also put it on the plug.

These kinds of plugs are really great for teasing. Because you're going to feel it as it goes in and out. You can gradually slide it in. Now, the really great thing about the loop on this plug is it's really big so it's easy to pull out. It also means that if you're into wearing these longer term, then the loop is really nice and big and it's going to keep them safely in place.

What you can do is you've got this in there, right? And so at the time of orgasm, or anytime really, but specifically as you're climaxing, you or your partner can, pull it out and you're going to feel that bump, bump, bump. And it's going to give all those really sensitive nerve endings in there, that extra kind of jolt of excitement.

This is the spiral loop. You can see it's pretty narrow and kind of has a unicorn horn thing going on. This is the duo loop named because it's got the two beads on it. Now look how flexible that is, right? So that's going to be super comfortable when you're using it. Even the ring, you can put two fingers in it so that you can bring it in and out of yourself or your partner.

This is the beaded loop plug.

This has three on it. And again, super flexible. And the way that this is made, with such flexibility, if you were going to put this in and wear it longer, you can. This is a bigger one. So that last one, you have to give it that push so that it goes in. But if you put this between your bum cheeks, then you can leave this in comfortably for longer. Because it's flexible, it's going to move with your body as you move around. Imagine this one with that big loop and then you're going to have that pop and it's all going to come out.

Loops like this and beads like this are really great for anal play, and these are fantastic examples because they're silicone, they're body safe, they're easily washable and to disinfect. I love the iridescent colors of these. There's no seams. They're just these wonderful, flexible, fantastic plugs.

So again, this is the Anal Adventures from Blush. That's one of my very favorite manufacturers. We carry a lot of them here at Betty's because they always make such great quality products. These are the Anal Adventures Matrix beads. Aren't they cool? And you can get them all at Betty's.


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