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How to Use the Zumio S and X Video Review

 Zumio is a revolutionary way to reach clitoral orgasm faster and more intensely than we could have ever imagined. Find out what the difference is between the Zumio S and Zumio X and how to use them for mind-blowing orgasms every time. 

Hey everybody its Carolyn. I'm the Manager at Betty's Toy Box and today we're going to talk about what is a Zumio and how does it work.

This is a Zumio. This is the original one. They've come out with a second one. This is the Zumio X and this is the S. I'm just going to give you a little overview first of how it works.

The unusual shape is because it was actually created by a woman and her goal was she wanted something where she could have a really quick orgasm with a toy that was pinpoint and quiet and waterproof with really simple controls that you could just turn on and off super quickly in case her kids came bursting into the room. This is what they came up with.

Now the reason it's got this little nub is because this actually spins really quickly in a circle which is the pattern that most women masturbate in and so they've mimicked this in this really intense way. Simple control buttons on and then this button takes you up through the intensities and this button takes you down.

There are actually no patterns on the Zumio. That was another thing they thought was kind of extraneous. This was really to have a quick, silent toy that could bring you to orgasms super quickly without mucking around so you can go to sleep at night. It's great for roommates in dorms as well because you put this under the blankets, and you can barely hear it.

So, in terms of what it does I'm going to turn it on now. I'm going to get a little bowl of water and I'm going to hold it up here a little bit so you can see the ripples that it's causing in the water. As I put it underwater you can see how the water kind of disperses around but listen. If I touch it to them that's a lot of power that's going on in that little thing.

This is my stunt vulva Dolores and I’ll show you how it works. You're supposed to place it directly on the clitoris and the interesting thing about the Zumio is with some toys like with wands you almost want to press it hard. You're trying to get that extra stimulation. Zumio actually doesn't like that.

Listen. If I press it hard against myself it's actually going to dissipate. It almost turns itself off. It likes a really super light touch. You can bring it right on to the clitoris or you can take it all around the lips and play with it play over here. It actually feels absolutely wonderful on the nipples as well and you can see how I'm holding it. This is a really light toy. It's fantastic for people who have mobility issues or arthritis because not only is it super easy to hold but it's incredibly light. And again, no pressing is going to be necessary.

This came out and then the feedback they were getting was fantastic, it worked for so many people. People were in love with it. The only problem was for some folks it was too powerful. So, what they did then is they came out with the Zumio S and when I bring it a little closer you can see the difference. The Zumio S has that buffer on the tip, so they've gone, and they've coated the tip.

The controls were the same. One press for turning on, scroll up through the intensities, no patterns. And again, if you press it it's going to turn off. When you're using it it's just got that kind of wider play area so that it's diffusing the vibrations a little bit because that pinpoint was just a bit too much for some people. And again, if you put in the water you can kind of see it still has lots of power lots of power coming off of that thing.

You might have noticed this. I put them in water. These are waterproof. The tip on this is ABS plastic. The tip on this one's coated in silicone and then the bodies are silicone and ABS plastic as well. So, they're rechargeable, they’re waterproof they’re body safe.

The way they recharge is they actually come with this really cool little docking station. That's what plugs into your USB port and then you just kind of sit it in there. It stays in really nicely and it charges.

They've hit all the nails on the head with these honestly. Our staff were fans the minute they came in and we were able to distribute some samples. They're quiet, they're body safe, they give really intense stimulation where you want it, they're easy to turn off, they're great if you have a roommate.

You couldn't ask for something better and such a simple little device that is so incredibly easy to use. So again, this is the Zumio X this is the Zumio S and you can get them both at Betty's.



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