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How to Wear Booty Toys Long Term

You don't have to be an anal expert to be curious about wearing a booty plug out and about, outside the bedroom. In fact, loads of people love the feel and weight of a butt plug or beads that stay in place while you're working at the computer or doing your groceries. It's like the most delicious naughty secret and a complete turn-on. 
Join Betty's manager while she explains how to go about choosing a booty plug for long term wear, and how to try it out safely and comfortably.
And, if you're intrigued by any of the Anal Adventures Matrix plug that she uses to demonstrate with, simply click the link below and check them out!


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's, and today we are going to talk about what is a long-term wear butt plug or anal toy, and why would you want to do that? And if you're kind of intrigued how you can go about starting to do that.

So first I'm going to take a look at my handy dandy stunt butt. This is just a simple stroker, easy for me to show you on. Some people really like the feeling. You have so many nerve endings and muscles in and around here, and anal play can be intensely pleasurable. And so, the idea of just thrusting something in and out, maybe that's not enough for some people. Maybe you want to put in something that's going to stay there for a little while. It can be titillating to go out on the town with your partner wearing something like that. It's like your little secret.

You can put something in during extended play. There are many, many reasons why people might like that kind of thing.

If you're curious about getting started with this kind of thing, you can use not all but many different kinds of plugs and beads and things like that for longer term wear. We have a line that I really like for people who are just getting into it.

This is the Anal Adventures Matrix line from Blush. There's the beads and the plug and I'm just going to give you an example of why they're maybe good to get started with something like this.

I'm going to start with the plug. This is a really swirly plug. You can see it's got a lot of texture on it, but one of the things, if you're going to be doing a longer-term wear, that you're going to want to look for is a really narrow neck and a really wide base.

So, this is a narrow neck and it's also incredibly flexible. I've already got some lube on this and some lube in here. Obviously, you would never do this without lots and lots of lubricant. What you're going to do is you're going to ease it in there, right? And then obviously you can see why something like this has this amazing wear. You can give your partner a little peek beforehand and then go out on the town like this. The plug itself, because the neck is very bendy, you're going to have a little more comfort as it sits between your cheeks. It's going to move around a little bit more, but this plug is larger, so you're going to have that real feeling of fullness.

Something like this I would recommend instead of a metal plug or a glass plug or something like that, just because you don't want to get out and suddenly find oh, this is really not comfortable. I mean anything, you're going to try, try it at home first before you put it in and go out on the town. See if it's something that you like. Something like this Anal Adventures Matrix plug is really great for that.

You can also use something like some beads. These again are the Anal Adventures Matrix Beads. And the reason I really like these is because again, they're super flexible, so you are going to have a feeling of fullness, but again, really narrow neck and a really big ring.

So, what you do is you put it in, in, in this last one is big.

And so once it's in, you're going to have this full feeling. Now it's squishy, right? So, this is going to stay put, it's going to stay where you want it, but this is going to be comfortable because it's so soft.

And the thing about beads is when it's finally time to take them out, a lot of people do it like at the height of climax, you pull it out and all those nerve endings are going to get that extra jolt of pleasure. So, the pop out pop to bring it out.

So, there you go. That is what it means if you see plugs that say they're suitable for long-term play or they're suitable for long-term wear, this is what they're talking about. With these Anal Adventures Plugs, they say they have a stay put design. Same thing you're going to put them in, they're going to stay where you want them to be for as long as you want them to be there. And of course, these are also flexible silicone, so they're really easy to disinfect and to wear over and over. And if you keep them nice and clean in between uses, they're going to last you a really long time.

So, there you have it. That is how you do a long-term anal play and butt plug, wearing.


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