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Interview with Sex Coach Myisha Battle

Many people have contacted Betty’s about how they can deal with erectile dysfunction and what toys we would recommend. As I have very little knowledge on the subject, I decided to ask an expert on their experience with erectile dysfunction. This led me to registered sex coach Myisha Battle, who was delighted to answer the questions that I had. Here’s the interview I had with her:

How often do you deal with erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common issue that sex coaches work with clients to address. What's interesting is that the sex coach approach to whatever our clients are experiencing as "erectile dysfunction" is that we try to move them away from thinking of their concern as failure and deficiency and refocus them on how they can achieve pleasure with or without an erection. I don't use the term dysfunction at all with my clients.

Do you deal with this issue more with individuals or with couples?

Mostly I see male clients who are experiencing issues with erections within the context of a couple.

What other types of issues are common amongst individuals and couples?

The other really common concerns I see as a sex coach are mismatched desires, inability to experience orgasm and lack of desire. These are common amongst individuals and couples.

Are these issues physical or psychological (or both)?

Sex coaching is a holistic approach, so we work very hard to identify how our clients' sexuality has been impacted by the totality of our their lives. Some issues that have physical or physiological manifestations are rooted in psychological concerns. Sometimes these concerns stem from negative messages about sex that we receive as kids. It's my job as a sex coach to discover how these things are connected and help create a plan with my clients to get them to a better sexual state of being.

What do you usually prescribe for these issues?

Sex coaches are not legally able to prescribe medication for sexual concerns. What we are able to do is recommend actions and assignments that are specifically targeted to address the ways in which the issue is manifesting. This could be anything from recommending a masturbation practice to learning mindfulness and meditation. These assignments are tailored specifically for the client.

Have you ever recommended sex toys?

I definitely have recommended sex toys to clients! Again, I recommend specific toys for specific issues. Toys are a great way to develop a deep connection with your sexuality and explore different types of sensations and parts of your body. Some toys are better for people with limited range of motion or who have chronic pain, others are perfect for intense stimulation of specific areas of the body. In my opinion, there's a toy (or 5) for every person.

Which toys do you usually recommend?

Depending on what the client is experiencing, I may recommend the use of pleasure products like cock rings, lube, and toys. Screaming O makes a great cock ring starter kit for those who aren't sure what size to use. For prostate stimulation and anal play, I recommend Pleasure Chest's Booty Basic Kits which contains everything the anal novice needs to get started.

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