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Je Joue Powerful G-Spot Bullet Video Review

This little bullet packs a big punch! Join Betty's manager for a look at the Je Joue G-Spot Bullet. This toy is perfect for both internal and external vibrations. If you're unsure about which type you're looking for, this is the toy for you. It's small and cute, so unintimidating for first timers. You can get your very own Je Joue G-Spot Bullet at the link below 

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn at Betty's. I wanted to take a minute to show you this Je Joue G-spot bullet, because it is a classic vibe that I think a lot of you should probably have in your collection if you like really powerful pinpoint stimulation, and if you like G-spotting.

So let me open this, and we can talk about it a little bit. Je Joue has been around for a while, and I think people forget that they make some of the most powerful motors out there in these really tiny little packages. Plus they have this gorgeous packaging, right? So let's open her up, and this is the G-spot bullet.

Now see how tiny that is, right? It also comes in a lovely kind of plum colour. So as a Je Joue product, it has this really silky silicone to it, and it's waterproof. So it's body safe, waterproof, rechargeable, all those things that you want.

The tip has a little bit of squish and bend to it, which I love, 'cause I don't like things that are super rigid. But it's the power on this thing! So there are the buttons. You just hold down the plus button, and it's gonna start up, and you get this really super powerful fuzzy kind of vibration. So 2, 3, 4, 5, and top power.

Now this is like just rumbling against my hand, but you can barely hear it, right? Super, super quiet, which I really love. The other thing is that it's got a separate button for the patterns. So the top one takes you up through the different levels of vibration, but the little wavy one gives you the patterns, but then you can also go down. So one of my kind of pet peeves about some different motors is that they go up through the levels of vibration, and then the next time you press it you're into the patterns.

Well, not everyone likes patterns, or, you know, maybe you want the patterns to happen at different levels, which I'm actually doing right now. So this is on a really low vibration level, but it's still doing the patterns. That is something really unique about their motors. You have a lot more control over what exactly it is that you wanna do. And then you just press the bottom there and hold it down, and that's gonna turn it off.

So when you look at the package, we're gonna just pull that piece up. You're gonna get your charging cord in there, and then you're gonna get your little instruction manual. So you would be all set to roll as soon as you get this. But honestly, so these also come, there's one that has a little bunny ears on the tip, and then there's another one that's just a straight bullet with a taper on it.

They all have that same uniquely wonderful motor to them. I just wanted to show you this one, 'cause I kinda love the fact that it's got a flexible little G-spot, like look at that, right? I mean, imagine this on your skin, on your nipples, on your perineum, not for anal play though. No flared base means no anal play, but like for teasing and tempting and then on the clitoris and you know, just, it's just got enough length to get inside into that G-spot.

Beautiful. So again, this is the Je Joue Bullet, it's got a super powerful motor, it's waterproof and body safe, and you can get it at Betty's.


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