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Kama Sutra Feel Me Erotic Play Set Video Review

 A collectible erotic playset featuring a Kama Sutra branded spanking crop with leather tassel. Includes 3 sensual body products and a set of 12 Kama Sutra Play Cards

Video Transcript

Hey everybody it’s Carolyn. I'm the manager at Betty's Toy Box and we're going to have some fun today because we're going to do an unpackaging.

Now this is something that I haven't even opened yet so we get to see it together.  It's from a company that we're very familiar with here at Betty’s.  It is by Kama Sutra and this is the Feel Me Erotic Playset.  Get a good look at it.   It's in this lovely kind of cardboard envelope.  It's full of all of these goodies and trial sizes of some of the wonderful lubes and lotions and things like that that.  They already make these items but there are some little extras so these are perfect for a little getaway, a naughty weekend or as a gift.   Maybe for a bridal shower or something like that.

Let's take a look inside and see what's here because I haven't even seen it all yet.  Alright, it just opens like that really simple and look!  There is this  beautiful blue riding-crop.  Look at that lovely lace detail.  It's got a little handle on it to help keep your grip.  That is just the most adorable thing. It's embossed with Kama Sutra on it.  Let's see what else we get with this.

Okay, this is super fun because they've made these little playing cards and they're made to go with the kits.   What they do is, each one has a different position or a different way to use some of the things that are in the kit.   You get an assortment of cards that you can play with over the time that you're using your kit.  That is super cool.  There are all the products that Kama Sutra is famous for and they're little trial sizes.  If you wanted you could take this somewhere with you for a weekend.  I even think that they're all the right size so  that you can even take  them on a plane.

So what we have now is their Oil of Love.   The Oil of Love by Kama Sutra is a kissable warming body lotion.  You can put little drops around your lover's body and then kind of blow on it and it heats up.  It's not meant to be a full over massage oil but you only need just a tiny little bit to get that wonderful effect.  You could put it on your inner thigh or wherever you feel like.

You want to see this.  It is the vanilla one which is just an absolutely lovely smell.   I'm not going to crack it open.  I've smelled these before because we actually do sell most of the leg oil and lotion products from 

Kama Sutra.   We sell them on the site in some bigger sizes, some of them are however, still in the trial size.  You can get  them all individually without buying them as a kit as well.   This is kind of an exciting little format.  You also get a little dropper so that you can drop your Love Oil wherever you want it to be. 

Then we've got the Love Liquid which is their lubricant.  It is water-based and it is unscented and flavorless.  It is a really lovely lube that I like quite a bit.  Then we have got the Pleasure Balm prolonging gel.    This is a penis desensitizing gel so you only need a very tiny amount.   What it does, 

is that it kind of tingles and it kind of it desensitizes a little bit.  You can keep the foreplay going on longer because that is an issue for a lot of people with penises.   You know, you sometimes can't go as long as you want to and this is a really great little little gel that will keep you going. 

There you go, that's what is in this kit.  Isn't it lovely?   It comes in this beautiful package and all those goodies fit right in.   You've got your Oil of Love, you've got your lube, you've got some penis desensitizing gel,  you've got the wonderful fun cards that you can play with and then you get this lovely little riding crop as well.   This is the Feel Me Erotic play set by Kama Sutra, how fun is that?!   You can get it at Betty's Toy Box.


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