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Lora DiCarlo Filare and Carezza External Stimulators - Video Review

Watch these two unique and powerful toys in action in this Betty's video review! Filare and Carezza will blow you away with their power and targeted stimulation of your most sensitive erogenous zones! 

Video Transcript 

Hey everybody, it's Carolyn. I'm the manager of Betty's Toy Box, and today I want to bring you two super cool new vibes that we have in.

This is the Filare and this is the Carezza, and they're by a new company called Lora DiCarlo, and the reason I want to point them out is because they have some really unique functions that I think you folks are really going to like.

So first I’m going to show you Filare.

So it has the button on the back that you press and the light comes on, and the really cool thing about this is it's for people who really like that kind of circular motion with either a tongue or a finger.

And see how it's got two balls on it that circulate, and then you just press these buttons on the back and it takes you up through the speeds.

It gets really intense, and then you can also change the direction that you're going to go in.

It's waterproof, it's USB rechargeable, and this is all a really silky silicone, so it's easy to clean, and it also feels really great against your skin, and it's body safe.

So that is the the Filare.

Now let me show you the Carezza.

This is really cool too. It kind of has this pseudo egg shape again, with the neat button. Like really easy. With the logo on the back, press it, it's going to light up, and then the button for this is on the bottom.

I like that it's really raised too, so it's easy to find the button, because not all toys have easy to find buttons, and you're kind of groping around.

This has a percussive thumping, so if you're a person that really likes a tapping feeling, um, this is gonna be the toy for you. Unbelievably, that's unbelievably fast, yeah, and then you just press the button on the back and it turns off again.

Waterproof, body safe, super easy to use.

If you really like that kind of thumping sensation it's absolutely fantastic.

So again, you've got the Filare, you've got the Carezza. They're from Lora DiCarlo, and you can get them at Betty's.


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