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Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 Robotic Clitoral Suction & G-Spot Vibe Video Review

Join Betty's Manager as she explains all the amazing features of the Ose 2. Designed to mimic the best kinds of human touch, Osé 2 combines a G-spot massager and clitoral mouth to arouse and stimulate both pleasure points simultaneously. The latest version has a more accommodating, intuitive fit with a slightly longer body and more flexibility so you can adjust its position for max satisfaction. 

Video Transcript

Hi everybody it’s Carolyn. I’m the Manager at Betty's and today I'm going to show you the Osé 2 by Lora DiCarlo. Now this is a wacky looking vibe. I'm going to tell you straight out. But wait until you see what it can do.

This is the Osé in person and you might be going ‘Okay that thing's giant. What is going on here?’ They're using robotics to essentially make an air pulse stimulator, if you're familiar with that kind of air pulse stimulation for the clitoris, and then they've used robotics to give you a G-spot massager on this end.

Let me show you how it works. Now, if you guys know me, you know, that I'm not a really big fan of reading user manuals and actually, for all the high tech that goes into this, it was actually really intuitive and easy to use. So let me explain a little bit about this.

If you look on the back, the logo here is what's going to turn it on, and you press it down and there we go. We're on. So, these two panels here (indicates two long, narrow buttons), they're going to control two different things. One of them is going to control the air pulsation that goes on your clitoris. And the other one is going to control - if you can see here - there's one for the G-spot.

This is what makes Osé really different is that it's not just one of those G-spot vibrators that you insert, and it does this (makes beckoning motion with fingers) or something. And you kind of hope that it's going to hit you in the right spot. This is really customizable. So, if you love G-spot play and you like that kind of dual stimulation, this might be a good investment for you because it is a higher end vibrator.

If you're not super familiar with any of the things that I'm talking about, this might not be the place to start, but if you're kind of a G-spot, air pulsation toy using aficionado, this might be for you.

What you're going to do is you're going to press that button (indicates button on the panel). It’s going to get the air pulsation going. Right now, watch. This thing is totally flexible. You can see the air pulsation in there (showing inside of air pulsation chamber), and if you keep pressing, it's going to get more and more and more intense.

If you're familiar with that kind of stimulation, that's what you're getting kind of on this end. This end (showing longer insertable end) is really neat though. So, the other button, press it on, and now see how the nub starts moving (nub is moving up and down the vibrator shaft). It's also robotic. So, it's going to give a lot of caressing up and down, right on your G-spot. And because this is bendable (shows bending of insertable shaft), right? Everybody's body is different. What you're going to do is you're going to insert this (air pulsation end) and snug this up against your clitoris, and you can kind of hang onto this, although really essentially, once you put it in place, you're not really going to have to move it.

Here's the other thing. Sorry, there's always cat hair on my cell phone. Sorry. So, see how it's going up and down. There's a little button here. What it does. Press it. It's going to change where the g-spot nub is going to be. You move it up or it's going to move it down, or it's going to move it back into these broad sweeps. So, you can really customize the G-spot stimulation, according to what it is that you really like going on.

The other thing is if you're not a fan - I'm going to turn it off because this is distracting me. If you're not a fan of internal vibration, if that's not something that really does it for you, but you really like the up and down feeling, and you like some caressing going on your G-spot, this is fantastic because you're getting that kind of intense pulsation where you want it while you're stimulating the clitoris. But this arm doesn't have vibration. So really you can get it in place. And then this (indicating the buttons) is within your reach. You can just fiddle around and adjust it to where you want it to be.

This is also completely waterproof, and you can submerge it. I'm going to show you the packaging because I love some nice packaging. So, I showed you the slip case. You get this gorgeous box and then you just pull it open (like a book). And inside, this is double-sided. So, the vibe comes here and then you've got the user manual. And under the user manual, you've actually got a nice storage bag, and then you got your charging cord.

So, like I said, I didn't even read the user manual. It's actually really intuitive and the intense stimulation is really something very targeted. So, this is for somebody who's maybe more experienced, who kind of knows that's what they're looking for, who maybe already knows where their G-spot is and wants it stimulated in a certain way along with an air pulsation. This would be a real treat for somebody like that. So again, this is the Osé 2 by Lora DiCarlo and you can get it at Betty’s.


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