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Nexus Galaxie and Hux Colorful Silicone Dildos Video Review

With their colorful hues, silky surface and pleasing shape, Galaxie and Hux are going to be a go-to dildo for everything from strap-on harness play to solo fun times. Join Betty's manager and check out these stunning dildos. You won't believe the power of their suction cups! To get your very own Galaxie, Hux or any other of the Sportsheets Nexus dildos, follow the link below to Betty's Toy Box


Video Transcript

Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box. And today I am bringing you two dildos from the Nexus Collection from Sportsheets.

This is the Galaxie, and this is Hux. Now these are super cool non-fat-like silicone dildos that are just new out. And I think you folks are going to really, really love them.

Let me show you some of the features, first of all, I'm sure you've noticed the absolutely stunning colours on these. I absolutely love the colours that they've come up with. Now. There are six in the entire line. There's a five-inch. This is the seven-inch, and then there's also an eight-inch. So it's seven inches insertable, eight inches overall.

Now, silicone, this is super silky here. Let me show you on this one. This has like a completely silky gorgeous silicone feel to it. It's a single pour, which means that it's a firmer dildo. So it doesn't have squish. Right? It's really great.

If you want to use it in a strap-on harness, the strap-on harness O-ring would go right there, and then you've got this really nice G-spot or prostate curve. And of course, because it's silicone, it means that you can completely disinfect it between using it so you can use it for anal, you can use it for vaginal, disinfect it in between, and you're good to go.

Now, here's the other thing that I love about these, the suction cups are mighty. You can see how wide they are, and you can actually even suction them together. You have to kind of line them up and make that push. And then you've actually got a double. So like they, they actually stick together. This is a really powerful suction cup to break. It's actually easier to just break the suction like that.

'Cause if this is suctioned to a table, you can lift the table with it. That's how powerful, like you can be lifting forever. You could probably take dents out of a car with these. Actually, there you go, Tik Tok users, you can do a Tik Tok video with these taking dents out of a car.

The shape of them is just stellar, and also the width of it. It's nice and long without being super girthy. So it's actually 1.6 inches across. So it's just like a little bit larger than an average girth of a penis, but you don't have any kind of, you know, veins or anything like that, to kind of get in the way of that super smooth glide that you're going to get from these.

I mean, they were made with harness play in mind, Sportsheets make some of the best harnesses that you can get out there as well. So you can strap these in and have a whole lot of fun with them.

But again, so this is the Galaxie, and this is the Hux, and they're from the Nexus Collection from Sportsheets. There's six altogether, different sizes, shapes, and colours, and you can get them at Betty's.


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