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Nexus Nyx and Jinx Silicone Dildos by Sportsheets Video Review

Nyx and Jinx are two gorgeous and colorful silicone dildos absolutely perfect for strap-on harness play and for anybody who wants a powerful suction cup with a smooth non-phallic shape. Join Betty's manager to get up close and personal with these fun dildos! To get your very own Nyx and Jinx or any of the other stunning dildos in the Nexus collection, visit the link below 

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box. And today I'm bringing you two new dildos from the Nexus Collection from Sportsheets.

And this is Jinx, and this is Nyx. Now I love these. They're part of a larger collection that are all this great kind of non-phallic shape in these amazing colourful colours. These two pastels are just gorgeous. They compliment each other, don't you think?

These are the six-inch version: it's five inches insertable. And one of the reasons that I really love these is not just for their silky silicone surface, but also because they're a little bit grippier than your typical smaller dildos, 1.5 inches across, which is about the size of an average penis, but still a five-inch can often be quite thin. So this is great for somebody who doesn't love the length, but doesn't want to skimp on having a little bit more in the way of girth.

So let me just show you some of the features of this beauty. Now look at this lovely G-spot curve, and then the super wide base. And they have the stamping. The suction cup is stamped with Sportsheets on the bottom. These suction cups are super, super strong. You could actually take these and put them together and you can make a double out of it. Like these, when you stick them to the wall, it's actually, it's really hard to get them apart. Oh, what have I done? I might not get them apart. There we go. Broke the suction.

So the silicone on these is single-density. And what that means is that it's a firmer dildo. It's all poured as one mould. So there's not going to be like the squish. It's got a good firmness to it, which is great if you want that firmness for a G-spot or for a prostate, but at the same time, it's very silky and very smooth. So once you get some lube on there, it's going to be really super easy to insert and really, really comfortable.

So here, let me show you again. This is what they look like side by side. These are sold separately. They're both the six-inch with five inches insertable, the Jinx and the Nyx from the Nexus Collection at Sportsheets. These are going to be fantastic: strap-on, harness-compatible, suction cup, silicone. I think you guys are really, really going to love them, and you can get them at Betty's.

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