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Penis extenders- Picking the Perfect One for You: A Video Tutorial

Penis extenders can be a lot of fun but with so many styles out there, how do you choose what will work for your body and your partner? Join Betty's Manager as she explains various styles and sizes of penis extenders and girth enhancers so you can make a better choice.

If you see anything you like, a link to every product in the video is available below. 

Performance Plus 10 Inch Silicone Penis Extender - Vanilla

Vixen Ride On 6.25 Inch Silicone Penis Extension - Chocolate

Stay Hard Cock Sleeve with Texture Nubs - Clear

Dr Joel Kaplan Silicone 2 Inch Penis Extension - Black

Natural Realskin Uncircumcised Vibrating Xtender Penis Extension - Vanilla

Performance Plus 10 Inch Silicone Penis Extender - Vanilla

Vixen Ride On 6.25 Inch Silicone Penis Extension - Chocolate

Everlaster Wishbone 6.5 Inch Hollow Strap-On Set - Vanilla

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating 6 Inch Hollow Strap-On with Balls Set - Caramel

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's. And today we are going to talk about penis extenders.

Now there's a lot of different ones on the market, and it's going to be really important to kind of understand a little bit about them, so you can pick one that's right for your body.

So let's get started. First thing we have to talk about is what kind of a situation you're in that you're going to want this penis enhancer. Are you just wanting to have some fun? Are you going to want to add some length and some width?

Penis extenders have been treated for a long time like a novelty item, but the reality is that they're great for people with erectile dysfunction. And it's important to know how to pick one, though, that's going to work for your particular situation. So what you have to think about is if you have erectile dysfunction and you cannot become erect, or maybe you can only become partly erect, as opposed to, you know, being able to maintain a full erection, is an extender going to work for you, or which styles are going to work for you.

And we're going to talk about that. Okay. So the first thing I want to show you is something really simple like this, this could almost even be classified as a ring, but really it's just a girth enhancer, really simple, really inexpensive. It just slides over the penis. Now you're going to need to at least have an erection or a semi erection to put something like that on or else it can slide off.

Put on lubricant and then slide it on. Lubricant for any kind of a penis extension is going to be your absolute best friend. And for some of them, some sculpting and scaping of the area might also be a really good idea, but we can talk about that when we get to it. So, something like this, really simple, and then you have things like this. It might not be what you think of when you think of a penis extension, but this is actually a really practical, simple penis extender.

It just slips over like that. It has a strap that goes under the testicles to keep it in place. And it's open on the side. So you are going to have some feeling, but then your partner is going to have this more, and it adds about an inch and a half of length. So it's not a realistic extender, but bonus points for being open on the sides and allowing you to have some kind of sensation. Now, again, you're going to have to be able to have an erection to use this kind of an extender.

Okay. Now moving on, there are a lot of extensions like this. Now this is a fantasy extension. It's made of TPE, so it is extremely soft and it has a bulbous tip. That's where adding the length comes into play. Now, they say that it is trainable.

Absolutely it is, when you're dealing with things like this, read the product descriptions. If you're looking at things like ultra flexible, soft, or even TPE material, it's going to be too soft. If you can't maintain an erection, it is however extremely flexible and trainable. You can see how I can really open this up, and just slide it on. You're going to want a lubricant again with something like this. And then you can actually just cut it to where you're going to need it, where it's going to fit you the best so that it comes to the base of your penis.

So these are a lot of fun, definitely not an erectile dysfunction style. Some of them will have a ball loop that they say holds it in place. The ball loops are the same material. It's really not going to hold it in place. This is definitely a novelty item for length and width.

Okay. And then you're going to start to get into beauties like this now. This is Blush Novelties. This one is silicone, which is fantastic. 'Cause for such a long time, extenders were made in all of these porous materials. They weren't great for, particularly the person on the receiving end of the penetration, because if it's not silicone, it can harbour bacteria, and that's not great. So something like this is really fantastic because it's all ribbed inside, if you can see that, and then this has a really sturdy ball strap. So I put some lube on this one, actually, let's see if it'll fit in. You're not going to hear these noises when you're doing it on yourself, obviously squishy noises. So you pop it in there and then the ball strap comes around the testicles.

Now there we go, loop loop loop, and it's not going to be a bad idea to do some trimming or scaping in the area so that you don't want this material pulling on any hair that's there, but you can see that this is a really great extension. It's like squishy on the end, but this end is solid. And if you have an erection, it's going to add, you know, that nice width and girth that you want.

If you're flacid and if you can't get an erection at all, it's probably still not going to work for you, right? You're not going to really be able to insert into there if you can't get erect. But if you are, this is still gonna stay on for awhile, you know, buy you some time. So maybe erect or semi erect, this going to work for you.

And then you've got something like this, which is a similar style by Vixen Creations. Again, a really thick ball strap. And this is a super realistic silicone as well. So you can get them in different flesh tones. And again, another silicone one.

So now we're gonna move on to things that might work better if you're somebody who cannot maintain an erection, so that something would be a hollow strap-on. Now, I have a video just separately on this product on its own. But what a hollow strap-on is going to do, is it's going to have a harness. That's going to ensure that it stays on your body. So, hollow in that the penis can go in there. It is more solid, which is unfortunately not always the most comfortable thing for a partner. What you can do is you could get a smaller, soft sheath and put it over top of it, something like this.

Okay? So if you want to add some softness, it is also going to add some size, but until somebody invents something, it's a better solution. That's usually what I recommend for people. So yeah, so this is great for somebody who, you know, can't get an erection or who wants to continue having penetrative sex, because you don't have to be hard. You can be soft and the strap is going to keep it on. And these have improved a lot over time as well.

Now you have something like this by Fantasy For Her, which is a very similar style, a very simple strap-on, but this one actually vibrates. So it has a motor in the tip. So that's going to give something extra, not only for, the receiving partner, but for the person who's wearing it. You're going to feel those vibrations coming back towards you as well. Just a really simple little one-click control.

So there we have it. I think the penis extenders, they're a really great product. You just have to know what you're looking for. And if you're not really sure, you can always fire us off a message, and we can help you pick something that's going to work for your body. But until then, grab an extender, have some fun, and you can get everything you've just seen here at Betty's.


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