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Pleasure on a Budget - Versatile Sex Toys Under $40

Stressful times mean it is important to embrace pleasure wherever and whenever we can. Orgasms release much needed oxytocin which helps us to relax and deal better of the stresses of our lives (like a global pandemic perhaps?). But, with so many of us struggling financially these days, it may be difficult to budget in a pleasure product to help alleviate some of that stress.

Pleasure on a budget has never been more important, so let’s take a look at ways you can enhance your sex life with some pleasure products that are multi-purpose and won’t break the bank.


What it does: Angled g-spot stimulation with an easy turn dial for multiple speeds

Why we love it: The plastic material is easy to keep clean and conducts vibrations well, making this a powerful budget vibe

Get creative: The shape is great for clitoral stimulation and to fit in between two bodies during penetrative sex, making this good couples’ toy as well.



What it does: Penis pumps use a vacuum and suction to draw blood into the penis, making it temporarily larger and harder. The added bullet on this pump makes the whole tube vibrate for a whole new level of sensation.

Why we love it: This pump is incredibly easy to use and has a quick release valve if you ever feel uncomfortable. It is an affordable way to explore if pumping is something that appeals to you. The removable bullet means you’re getting 2 pleasure products for the price of 1!

Get creative: Do some pumping on your own before playing with your partner or take the bullet off and use it for foreplay on the nipples, perineum, clitoris or anywhere you or your partner is particularly sensitive!



What it does: The stretchy rings fit around the testicles and penis while the bullet vibrates against your partner’s clitoris or perineum.

Why we love it: This is 3 toys in one since the bullet is removable. Wear the ring alone, use the bullet alone, or put them together. Vibrating rings are the unsung heroes of couples’ sex toys.

Get creative: Use the bullet for foreplay or the ring alone to delay ejaculation. Turn the whole unit around when worn so it teases his testicles for an amazing sensation.



What it does: Silk is a gentle but effective way to help get the juices flowing and make any sexual encounter, either solo or with a partner, more comfortable and enjoyable.  

Why we love it: The added silicone in this lube gives it amazing lasting power. It needs reapplying less than purely water-based lube, giving you more bang for your buck plus it is latex condom and silicone toy compatible.

Get creative: Apply a bit around the entrance to the vagina before you begin playing. The sleek, slippery feeling can help encourage arousal. Silk is also long-lasting and great for penis stroking.



What it does: This four-piece set has various shapes and sizes to allow you to explore anal play safely and in a variety of ways.

Why we love it: All four pieces for under $40 is a great deal – particularly in silicone.

Get creative: You don’t need a prostate to enjoy this kit since the two plugs are universally stimulating and the vibrator can be used on the clitoris. For couples, each of you can wear one during sex, or use the vibrating stimulator externally for some foreplay!


What it does: This powerful mini bullet is housed in a soft silicone cover that includes a practical finger grip and textured tip.

Why we love it: The removable cover gives you different ways to enjoy the mini bullet and different feelings as well. The finger grip is perfect for anybody who may have finger stiffness or issues maintaining a grip on a small toy. Plus, it’s rechargeable so no batteries!

Get creative: Take out the bullet and use it for foreplay, on the nipples, clitoris, or perineum!



What it does: Romp is a smaller than standard powerhouse wand with multiple levels of vibration and pulsation.

Why we love it: Flip is waterproof, which means you can enjoy is in the shower or tub, unlike many other wands. 

Get creative: Wands are fantastic foreplay and couples’ toys as well. Give your hands a rest and let it deliver a relating massage to your lovers or your own tense shoulders.



What it does: Rain is a realistic looking penis stroker made of a soft material that warms to your body heat. It features a ribbed inner canal and removable bullet for even more stimulation.

Why we love it: The removable bullet is waterproof and makes this a versatile toy for solo or couple play. 

Get creative: Live out your threesome fantasies with your partner or remove the bullet and use it on the nipples, perineum and other thrillingly sensitive areas.

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