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Realcock Uncut Sliding Skin Ultra Realistic Dildos Video Review

Join Betty's manager for a close up look at this ultra real sliding skin dong. So much attention to detail and 3 gorgeous skin tones to choose from.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's. And today we're gonna take a look at these Realcock dual-layered uncut Sliders.

So these are some really nice, big uncut dildos, but I wanna show you how they work, because they're kind of unique. So this is the 9.5 inch. You can see, this is a really large dildo. Now I know a lot of you guys wanna have the foreskin that moves on uncut dildos. The reason that a lot of them don't, this one included, is because it's really hard to engineer material moving against material, because, and I'm gonna show you, these are called sliders because they're super flexible.

First of all, they have a rod inside that gives you some firmness and a little bit of bend, but they're also dual layered. And so that means that the outer skin can pinch like this, which means you can also get like a slide on them. But the drawback to that kind of technology is that it's too fragile to come up to the tip.

So this looks uncut, look at that up close. It's really rather gorgeous. However, it doesn't have the skin that moves all the way up to the tip. This material is just simply too fragile and it would tear. And, and I've asked a lot of different manufacturers, but nobody has figured out a material they can engineer that's gonna feel real and give you that slide around the head without also being kind of dangerous and tearing.

I'm gonna show you up close. Now, this, like I said, is the 9.25 super-realistic dildo. It has a pretty strong suction cup on the bottom. You can see all the veins. And like I said, it has a rod in the middle, so it kind of stays. I'm gonna open up the 8.5 that I showed you at the beginning.

Now I'm gonna give you also fair warning. These are TPE, which is thermoplastic elastamer. It is a porous material. However, it is phthalate free, which means it doesn't contain harmful chemicals that are gonna leach out. And in terms of, you know, the smell that you get off of some of these, there is a little bit of a rubbery smell to these. My advice would be to use it with a condom. That's how you're gonna use it safely.

I also don't advise this for anal play. If you are gonna use it for anal play wash it really, really thoroughly afterwards, but never ever use it then for vaginal as well.

Now, you can see this one. You can actually hear the rod inside moving. It's like those rods that you get inside of dolls, where you move them and then they stay in position, but you can see this is the 8.5 against Super Realistic and against the 9.25, you can see the size difference. Again, they both have that really realistic head.

So TPE is one of those materials that you need to be careful with. You need to take really good care of it and you have to wash it really well. So you can see it. Maybe you can see it better on the brown one. It actually looks a little bit powdery and that's because these are best used with water-based lubricant. And then if they start to get a little bit tacky, you can use cornstarch to kind of revive the material and make it nice and smooth again.

So there you have it end to end. Now actually it's quite a significant look difference in them for having, you know, not even a full inch in between them, but there you have it. These are the Realcock Sliders, uncut look dildos, and you can get them at Betty's.



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