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Rumbly, Light, & Powerful Fun Factory Vim Wand Video Review

Wand lovers rejoice! The Vim wand boasts the best of German engineering in a sleek, light, but still incredibly rumbly wand. Check out Betty's video review of this beautiful pleasure product. 

Hey everybody it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and today I want to show you the gorgeous Vim Wand by Fun Factory. If you're not familiar with Fun Factory it is the best of German engineering in sex toys. They make some of the best vibrators out there so it's not surprising that they lent the same attention to detail and quality to their very first wand. So, let's take a closer look at what this beauty can do.

The Vim wand is in this brilliant orange color which is so unusual, and I love it. I mean I get kind of sick of pink and purple, don't you? Maybe not but I do. So, it comes in this beautiful vibrant orange as well as a deep navy blue.

Now let's take a closer look. This wand is all about the details. So, look at the head. Look at all the beautiful texturing on the head but look at the handle. That texturing isn't there for no reason. That texturing is there so that you can keep a grip even when you've got lube involved. Even when you're with a partner. Even if you're not wanting to even have your hands on it per se. So not only that but the silicone on this also helps to mute the vibration coming from the tip so that your hand isn't going to get numb from all the rumbling that's going on up here - and believe me there is some rumbling going on up here.

Now one of the things that you're going to love which I love is this flexible tip. Look at that. So, it's going to move with your body. It's going to really caress you. That is an absolute must in a wand because a lot of people play by putting it in a toy mount. You can hump it, but you want to have some kind of movement while you're playing. So absolutely gorgeous bendable neck.

Now let's take a look at these awesome buttons. The Fun Factory buttons are a thing of beauty and here's why. Fun is on. Plus takes you up through the intensities. Minus takes you down. Fun turns you off. How simple is that. If you watch a lot of my videos you know I'm not very patient for fussing around with instructions and also I have to say I'm sure a lot of you can kind of get on board with this, that when you have the buttons that only scroll up and then go back to the beginning again it's really frustrating when you get to that like “oh yeah I really like that level” and then you accidentally press the button and now it's doing something that you don't want it to do. We've all been there and it's frustrating. So, this is not going to happen to you with this.

Watch. Press the fun button and look at it go. Now that is already an intense vibration. Can you see it going? And what you're going to do is you're going to go 2 3 4 5. That is some really intense power. It's hard to keep my hand on there. That's five. And patterns now. You have patterns one 2 3 4. Look at it go.

 So, what you're going to do now is you can come down and you're going to end up back at patterns again. So, you can go up and you can go down and you can get to the point where you want it so the lowest one is still a really intense but not as blow your mind. I really like the range of vibration on this. Now you just press fun, and it turns off.

This also has a travel lock you can engage. They have the instructions in the booklet which means it's not going to turn on when you don't want it to. It is magnetically rechargeable so they all have their little cords that magnetize in there and then it's a USB plug so you can put it in wherever you charge your phone.

This is kind of like a natural reaction for me with this because it feels fantastic as a muscle relaxing as well. If you want something that's for those sore muscles this is great. We see how it moves.

There you have it. This is the Vim wand and not only is it gorgeous, easy to use, powerful, doesn't vibrate your hand off, flexible neck, it's waterproof. I mean honestly what more could you ask for? So, there you go. The Vim by Fun Factory. Amazing German engineering in a wand at last. You can get it at any of the links below.

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