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Satisfyer Pro 2 Rechargeable Waterproof Silicone Clitoral Stimulator Review

This rose gold wonder with the weird name thankfully makes up for its demure appearance and unusual title by being probably the most innovative and mind blowing new clitoral vibrator on the market in a long time.

I took the Satisfyer to a sex toy party with a bunch of ladies who sat around drinking wine and assessing dildos and vibes and the poor thing didn’t get more than a “what the heck is this?” out of the crowd. I tried to tell them. I wanted to make them just try it and see… but they were skeptical. Well, it’s their loss and I’m going to tell you why.

 What on earth is it?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 really is a different kind of technology. It’s not actually a vibrator at all but more like a vacuum for your clitoris. Now, while clitoral pumps and stimulators have been around for a long time, this vibe gives a level of intensity and a direct stimulation that is pretty mind blowing. Don’t think of it as a constant suction. Rather, it’s pressure waves that are meant to go directly onto your clitoris and can be scaled up through 11 (!!!!!!!!!) levels of intensity.

 How do you use it?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 claims that it can be a hands-free vibe but I leave that up to your discretion. I certainly kept my hands on it at all times. Lay back and spread your labia a bit to expose the tip of your clitoris. Fit the oval of the toy onto your clitoris with the tip of your clitoris in the little hollow. Now you’re ready to roll.

 How does it function?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is thankfully very easy to use. The bottom button is held down a few seconds and it turns on, then the top button scales up and down through the 11 levels of intensity. To turn it off, hold the bottom button down again for a couple of seconds. I have to say that I liked that the buttons were a soft material very different from the handle which made them easy to find without looking but also very difficult to accidentally press by accident which is important in the heat of the moment.

The handle is easy to hold and the head is not too big or intrusive. The silicone (yay!) clitoral tip is soft and spongy and comes off very easily to clean but stays in place during play.

It’s a USB rechargeable toy with a magnetic charger attachment that you can then hook to your computer or into a wall USB cable. It holds its for about 2 hours of play after an initial charge up of 4 hours.

The downside is that this thing is LOUD. The sound is decreased somewhat when you’re using it and have it fit over your clitoris but there is no disguising that you have something loud and buzzy going on in your bedroom/bathroom/wherever.

 How does it feel?

This is probably the most intense toy I have ever had in contact with my clitoris – and I am a Magic Wand owner. The first time I turned this on, my clitoris didn’t know whether to run and hide or jump for joy. Part of this is because, while you can muffle a strong wand with clothing or indirect pressure, the Satisfyer Pro 2 tip is right there on your clitoris with nothing in between those intense waves and you.

Even at the lowest setting, this toy is a clitoral powerhouse. It’s what I imagine it would be like to receive oral sex from somebody with a bionic tongue and no need to breathe. When I mentioned earlier that I kept my hands firmly engaged on the handle at all times, it was because I had to break the suction occasionally to give myself a breather. It was also because I was literally unable to keep still.

Full disclosure: I couldn’t get through all 11 levels. I didn’t need to. I think by about #6 I was having one of the most intense orgasms in recent memory and I’m totally okay with failing you guys on that front. If you love intense clitoral stimulation, then I challenge you to get to #11 and let me know how it goes.

As for its promise of multiple orgasms, I also leave that up to you. I can certainly see the potential there but the one I had each time I used it was so powerful and exhausting that I didn’t even try for a second let alone a third. Maybe it’s something I can work up to, along with Level 11? I’ll let you know.

 The verdict?

I honestly love this toy. It’s a different flavor of orgasm and one that I find I’m craving more and more. The fact that it’s waterproof and a much lower price point than similar toys on the market only makes me want to recommend it even more. I won’t use it every time I reach for a toy but as a treat, and as a challenge to see how much pleasure my clitoris can take, it’s a treat I will savor every single time.



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