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Sex Toys for Bigger Bodies

We honor all sizes and types of bodies at Betty’s, but we also recognize that the sex toy industry, like so many other retail industries, largely portrays a very specific body-type which doesn’t at all reflect the beauty and diversity of our customers. But we see you – all of you – and we want to help you find toys that work with your body and your needs.

If you or your partner have a larger body, here are some of our favorite toys chosen by our plus sized staff members, that seem tailor made to hug your luscious curves.

Sola Sync 10-Function Remote Control Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

Features: Waterproof, Remote Controlled, Rechargeable, Silicone

Why we love it: The Sola Sync has an extra-long handle (the wand is 12 inches overall) that curves to follow the curves of a body, making it easier to reach where you want it to go. The head is narrower than other wands, making it great for fitting between thicker thighs, and the remote control means you or your partner can get the action started without groping around for buttons.

Sportsheets Plus Sized Beginner Strap On Harness

Features: Adjustable for up to 72-inch hips (US size 12 to 30), with 3 O rings and a bullet chamber

Why we love it: Anybody with a bigger body knows that “one size fits most” rarely applies to us. This harness allows you to explore pegging play at an accessible price, and with a beginner harness that fits up to a 72-inch hip. It includes 3 O rings, which means it will fit most harness compatible dildos, and there is even a bullet chamber that is going to fit against the wearer’s clitoris for extra stimulation.

Au Naturel Mr. Slim 9.5 Inch Dildo Blush Novelties – Vanilla

Features: 8 inches of insertable length with 1.5 inches width, made of pure phthalate free, body safe elastomer

Why we love it: Longer toys mean better reach and this dildo has a whopping 9 inches in overall length with 8 inches insertable length yet is only 1.5 inches across which is about the width of an average penis. It has a firmer inner core, so it won’t flop around yet it’s still soft on the outside and realistic feeling. Whether in a harness or out, the sheer length means you still get significant penetration even if your reach is limited.

The Liberator Hipster Sex Positioning Cushion

Features: Body hugging shape, Fully supportive polyurethane foam, 100% washable covers, Measures in inches: 33L x 24W x 10H

Why we love it: All of Liberator’s bolsters are fantastic but we like the Hipster for its versatility. It can raise your hips a lot or a little (depending on which end you use) for greater ease of access, while cradling your neck and shoulders. It can also be used as a support for doggie style and pegging play. The sturdy foam really holds up to extensive use and the washable cover comes in lovely colors to match your décor!

The Womanizer Premium

Features: Pleasure Air Technology, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Silicone, Long Handle, Easily Accessible Controls

Why we love it: Womanizer is the most innovative and powerful clitoral toy to come along in years and with this Premium model, they’ve acknowledged the fact that their other small, palm sized models just don’t cut it for some bodies. This toy has the same power and functions of the other Womanizer luxury models but the handle on this model is super long and curved ( 6.1 inches overall) so you can reach to get it in place on your clitoris and change the speeds as you go.

PDX Elite Vibrating Roto-Sucker Penis Stimulator by Pipedream

Features: Vibration, Suction, Rotating Head, Long Handle, Easily Accessible Controls

Why we love it: This innovative toy offers suction and vibration on the penis separately or at the same time, with a unique rotating head that gives the user lots of stimulation options. Best of all, it has a super long handle (the toy is 10 inches long) with controls that are facing front and easily accessible, so you can angle it where you need it and still have control.

Slimline G Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

Features: Waterproof, Affordable, Long Handle, Easy Twist Controls

Why we love it: Bullet vibrators can be frustrating because they’re just too small and difficult to place and control. We love the Slimline G because it’s nice and long at 8.25 inches and makes an excellent external vibrator with its firm ABS plastic and that nice angled head. It has a simple twist control at the end of the handle, so it couldn’t be easier to use and it’s waterproof.