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Betty's Best Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction

At Betty’s we’re always listening to what our customers want and one question we get asked again and again is which sex toys we would recommend for men with erectile dysfunction.

ED (erectile dysfunction) can be a huge wedge between couples and we hear from both men and their partners who are looking for a way to maintain their sex life and keep that intimacy going. So, whether it’s a problem getting an erection, maintaining an erection, or lasting long enough to please your partner, we hear you and we’ve got some solutions.

As a disclaimer, we here at Betty’s are not medical professionals. The products we recommend are ones that, in our experience, have shown some success for men with erectile dysfunction. But please, if you’re experiencing ED always talk to your doctor before trying anything out.


How they work:
A hollow strap on is a hollow dildo in which the man can place his penis, held in place by a harness that he wears around his hips. This allows for penetrative sex with your partner even if you can’t maintain an erection

Who should use it: We recommend hollow strap ons for men who cannot maintain an erection at all but who want to have penetrative sex.

What to look for: Because many models encase the man’s penis entirely within the dildo, we recommend a vibrating model so that he can enjoy some form of stimulation.


The exception is the wonderful SpareParts Deuce Harness which has two openings – a top one for a dildo and a lower one for a penis, allowing the man to enjoy skin to skin contact with his lover even if he can’t maintain an erection. It’s the only one of its kind on the market.


How they work: The purpose of a cock ring is to allow blood into the penis but then to keep it there, allowing for a longer, firmer erection and to delay ejaculation.

Who should use it: Any man can use a cock ring since they are put on a flaccid penis. If your problem is keeping an erection or premature ejaculation, it may be the perfect solution and cock rings have the advantage of being super affordable.

What to look for: A ring like the Tantus Super Soft C Ring can go over the base of
the penis or even stretch over the testicles as well. Many, like the Noje C3 Vibrating Cock Ring have a small bullet vibrator included which is meant to stimulate the man’s penis as well as the woman’s clitoris. Cock rings should only be worn for 30 minutes at a time and you should never fall asleep wearing one since serious medical issues can arise from trapping blood in the penis for too long. We always advise using a soft stretchy ring so that it can be removed quickly and easily.

Penis Sleeves and Extenders

How they work: Penis sleeves and extenders are hollow and fit over the man’s penis, allowing the feel of increased girth and length. Some are held in place by straps that fit over the testicles. 

Who should use it: Not all sleeves are practical for men with erectile dysfunction since models without straps rely on having and maintaining an erection to keep them in place. Newer options with ball straps and plugs to fill the ends are a much better option.

What to look for: If a sleeve is something you want to try, look for one that has a harness which fits under the testicles like the Fantasy Silicone Penis Extension Collection.  Some models have a ball strap and many others have an innovative plug that can fill the tip of the extension. The models without ball straps can also be trimmed along the base to fit your particular anatomy better. 

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How they work:
A penis pump is either a battery operated or hand pumped device placed over the penis. The vacuum suction draws blood into the penis and causes it to become erect.

Who should use it: Penis pumps are great if you have trouble getting an erection to begin with because you can use them when you are not hard but any man can enjoy the suction and increased size that comes from the suction of a pump

What to look for: Make sure your pump has a quick release valve so that you can safely and quickly take it off if you experience any discomfort.

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Masturbation Sleeves and Penis Vibrators

How they work: While classic masturbation sleeves are familiar to many men, they can be frustrating for men who have difficulty getting an erection. Now, there are new crop of what are essentially penis vibrators on the market that are fantastic masturbatory aids for men with ED. Made to encompass a flaccid or erect penis, some sleeves are leading the way in design and research.

Who should use it:  There are sleeves on the market now to suit any man’s needs. From simple silicone tubes with inner ridges to top of the line vibrating pleasure devices, it is just a matter of choosing something that will work for your particular anatomy.

What to look for: The Hot Octopuss Pulse line of Guybrators is perfect whether you can get an erection or not. They contain an oscillating pad on the base and flexible wings on the sides to hug you. You can use them for foreplay or  as a couples' toy. Similarly, the Optimum Masturwand has vibration that make the wings flutter against you while the pad give a deeper, rumbly vibration. 

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