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Sexpert Spotlight with Cy from Super Smash Cache

Cy Smash was crowned #1 Sex Blogger of 2020 by Molly's Daily Kiss. With over 200 sex toys reviewed (and over $10,000 owned) in Cy's collection, she can tell you exactly why her favorites turn her into a puddle of heart-eyes emojis. Readers of her blog, Super Smash Cache, love her transparent disclosures and flamboyant photography. 
How did you get your start as a sex toy review?

I give a slightly different answer every time because there were so many small, organic steps.

In short, back when I used FetLife, I had a wishlist where people could buy me anonymous gifts. When looking for toys to add to the list, I wondered why the jelly ones were so cheap and what the hell even comprised jelly.

I Googled it, found blog posts about body-safe sex toys, and the rest is history.

A longer answer could go into my unwillingness to accept the “orgasm gap.” Cis male friends would tell me that it was “just the way things are” for women to have a harder time reaching orgasm. On the one hand, it’s important to have self-compassion and just enjoy the journey.

On the other, people with vaginas can take matters into their own hands for more intense orgasms:

And so, I wanted to document that journey and help others along theirs, too.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love taking pictures of sex toys!

Sometimes, I just have to get them done quickly. However, when I have time to set up and get creative, I gather thrift store knick knacks galore to make my backgrounds, have fun with the lighting, and so on.

You write extensive reviews and comparison pieces on pleasure products. Where does that knowledge come from? 

It’s a combination of:

  • Reading other sex toy review blogs over the years

  • The sheer number of toys I’ve tried and people I’ve slept with

  • Having taken design classes in undergrad

  • Knowing my body

  • Having a robust and visceral memory of my experiences

Every toy has a unique combination of design influences and ways its form follows function. I’ve seen genuine innovations come and trends fade away over the years. When a toy stands the test of time, though? That’s how you know it’s the good shit.

You’ve had greater visibility this year on social media.  What kind of effect has that had on your relationships with your audience or friends?

I’ve had to strengthen some boundaries and soften others. For example, many people (particularly cishet men) want to give their unsolicited opinions. Most of my content isn’t for them, though, and I don’t have to engage.

I’ve learned a lot about inclusive word choices, though. While I’m not perfect, I’m getting better at taking my impact on my audience seriously.

My friends have been supportive. It’s in the dating realm that things get sticky, but I’ve learned to rip off the band-aid sooner rather than later. Why would I date someone if I can’t talk to them about my passions, anyway?

You identify as part of the LGTBQIA+ community.  What does Pride mean to you? 

Pride means having a safe place where I can break down assumptions of what it means to be a woman and show up as my most authentic self. Being queer isn’t just about sex and dating — it affects expectations of how I act around people of any gender.

There are so many narratives that American culture has about man-woman interactions, and queerness throws a wrench in that.

What improvements would you like to see made in the pleasure product industry?

MORE COLORS — both in terms of skin tones and not-stereotypically-girly shades. Not lying about products being “whisper-quiet” or “revolutionary” or “mind-blowingly intense.” And I’d love it if marketers could tone down the bold proclamations about OMG THE ORGASM TO END ALL ORGASMS.

What lasting impression do you want people to have of your contribution to the sexual health and wellness industry? 

I want to be remembered for helping make readers’ orgasms bigger, bolder, and more attainable during a broader range of activities. I want to help long-term couples reignite the spark. And I’d like for people to recognize the nuance in my writing; when it comes to pleasure for every body, hardly anything is black-and-white.

I’d settle for being a well-known photographer, though. :)

What is a little-known fact about you? 

I’m merely 5’1”. It’s astounding how often people from the internet imagine I’m something like 5’10”.

What is your favorite pleasure product of all time? 

Either the njoy Eleven or Uberrime Night King. I could sum up my reviews of them in one sound: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Where can our readers find you online?

My blog:

Instagram: @supersmashcache

Twitter: @supersmashcache

Check out Cy's Sexpert page and find her top picks here

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