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Tantra 101: Sex for Your Soul

Typically synonymous with sex, tantra is a whole body experience that unites intimacy and spirituality. It's an ancient Hindu practice which focuses on the expansion of energy. In Sanskrit tantra means “woven together.” It combines breath, touch and an exchange of energy between partners. It’s a container for deep intimate exploration, surrender and release. Sounds scintillating but don't know where to start? Betty is here to give you a quick tutorial in Tantra 101. 


 Why tantra?

Tantra is a holistic approach to sex combining mind body and spirit. When you are more in tune with your body and to your wants and needs (and that of your partner), it allows for a greater intimate, emotional and sexual experience. The intensity of a prolonged state of arousal and profound spiritual connection help create a more powerful release and other worldly orgasm. 

Sacred Space 

Dim the lights and put on soulful music for a romantic and sensual vibe. Some partners may want to undress beforehand, or make undressing each other part of the erotic experience. Lay a waterproof blanket on the bed which not only has a luxurious feel, but is a useful way to absorb whatever bodily fluids that may result during your time together. Light a candle for a sexy and aromatic ambience. Have massage cream on hand to enhance your erotic touch. The practice of tantra is about engaging all of your senses.  



The most iconic tantric position is yab yum or the lotus position. Partners sit facing each other, legs and bodies intertwined. Hand on heart, feeling the flow of energy between you. Arch your back and move your bodies in a slow circular motion. Create a rhythm to activate your sexual energy. Be fully aware of each other's presence, how your partner feels;  their scent, their movement. 



Once your bodies are blissfully connected, focus on your breath to ground yourself. Watch each other's chest rise and fall as you take deep inhales and exhales trying to synchronize your breathing. Pause as you fill up your lungs and clench your PC muscles simultaneously. This will help awaken your sexual organs and feel the life force energy, or prana flowing throughout your body.

Soul Gazing

The eyes are the window to the soul and staring intently at your partner can be incredibly potent. You may use this time of connectedness to say loving affirmations to one another or simply sit in silence letting your breath and movement speak for itself. Bring the fire of your sexual energy, passion and desires into alignment with your heart and soul. 



Bodies intertwined, breathing as one, a fire stoked within your. Now it's time for erotic exploration. Caressing and kissing your partner, tasting and teasing. See how they respond to your slow and sensual touch. Allow yourself to submit to the sensations and honor the sacredness of two bodies joining as one. It's not only sexy af, but feels phenomenal. Orgasms are optional, but are often incredibly intense when in a state of heightened awareness and arousal. If you're looking to learn more about tantra, The Ultimate Guide to Tantric Sex includes more tips, step-by-step exercises and illustrations.







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