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Tastes Like Summer: Fun Flavors and Sexy Scents You'll Love

Satisfy your senses with our extensive selection of summer inspired products. From lickable lubes to massage oils, oral sex aides and skin care, Betty's has something sure to tantalize your taste buds. We’ve compiled a list of our most fun and flirty flavors to help transform your sexy staycation into a tropical getaway.


There are so many delightful and delicious flavors of lube. Betty’s only carries brands that are sugar free and body safe. Silky smooth and long lasting, these are some of our favorite water based lubes to help you slip slide your way into a sexy summer.

 Massage Oils

Turn every touch of your lover's body into a symphony of sensation with these luxurious and sensual massage oils. Either cool things down or warm things up depending on how you want to play.  


Oral Sex Aides

If you have an appetite for oral, why not sweeten the deal when going down on your partner. From popping candy to throat coating sprays and flavored glides, there are so many enjoyable ways to enhance foreplay.

Stimulation and Arousal 

Heighten your pleasure with these stimulating and arousal gels. Turn your partner into a tasty treat as you kiss, lick and nibble their naughty bits. They can also be used to get yourself ripe and ready for solo play. 

Bath and Body Care

After all that fun in the sun, be sure to make a little time to focus on your skin care routine. From regular shaving to extra long soaks to get the sand out, here are some of the most amazing bath and body care products best loved by Betty staffers.




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