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The Male Rose Powerful Rotating Masturbator Video Review

The Male Rose is a viral TikTok and Pornhub sensation that lives up to all the hype. With 360 degree rotation, 5 rotation speeds, and 10 vibration levels and patterns, this masturbator takes that blow job sensation to a mind blowing level. See it up close and personal in the video review by Betty's Toy Box own Sex Toy Librarian Carolyn.  Get your very own at Betty's with the link below


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and today I am bringing you the Male Rose.

Now, if you've heard of the clit rose for those people with a clitoris, it doesn't do the same thing. It's just that this is the same kind of sensation on YouTube and all over the place making a huge splash for anybody with a penis.

So, let's see how it works. Okay, so I already opened it. Inside you're going to get a handy dandy booklet on how to use it, and this is the Male Rose. Okay, so what does it do?

This claims to have cyclone blow job of actio. Let's see if it delivers. I'm going to show you how it works.

Push the button to turn on. There's your power.This indicates what level of power you're at, and this is how it works,right? So, turn it off again quickly.

Basically, you've got a really squishy TPE top on it. The opening has the nice lip shape, you'll notice. So, this is going to rotate. You can actually see the bullet inside. It's going to rotate and kind of get this circular action going.

I'm going to pull out, first of all, my lube. I'm using Wicked Simply Hybrid. Beautiful lube that's lasts for a really long time, although I don't think anyone's going to need it with this, but, um, love it. One of my very favorite lubes. And here's my stunt penis.

Let's put this on and see how it works. Ready? And this is how you use the Male Rose.

I put lube on the dildo ahead of time and I put a little inside. You're going to need it. Go look at that. And now let's go up through the levels. It gets this like

oscillating intense action going on. Oh, back and forth. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Wow.

You can kind of edge yourself. Oh, one way, then the other, then the other. And it's easy to see where you're at because you press it again and you go back. down and then you can make your way back up. You can go in and out of it like that really easily. As long as you've got some lube, you can kind of play with it this way.

How cool Is that? Okay, so like I said, this is rechargeable. It's not waterproof, but it's splashproof. Wash out this part. The soft part will come off and you can wash it out with some soap and water. That's all you really need to get your lube off.

And there you go. Oh wow, okay. I've never seen anything that actually has that kind of motion for the penis. before, so I can see why they've dubbed this the Male Rose. Holy cow. You can get this at any of the links below.

Hope you enjoy. I am Carolyn, your sex toy librarian. And this is the Male Rose.


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