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The Rocketeer Vibrating Male Enhancer Sheath Video Review

This unique flexible sheath is perfect for man who craves new sensations that can be shared with any partner! Join Betty's manager and see this fantastic enhancer up close and personal including a demonstration on how to put it on! Perfect for any man with erectile dysfunction or to enhance what you already have going on! Get your very own Rocketeer at the link below


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's. And I'm gonna show you something today that is super clever and fun, which is something I always look for in a new toy. This is called the Rocketeer, and it's by Gender X.

And the reason I think it's super clever and fun is because it turns your penis or dildo into a vibrator. So, the simple concept here is the Rocketeer, and you might think, oh my God, like, how does, what is going on here? Let me show you: super simple. So what it does is, this part here lays along the shaft of the penis or dildo. And there's a button here that you press, and it's gonna take you through three different levels of vibration, different levels of power, and then a bunch of patterns of vibration as well. So I'm gonna show you how to put it on so you can see how easy it is.

Now. The key to the Rocketeer is lube. This is Swiss Navy water based that I'm gonna use. And I'm gonna use it on this, which is a Colours Dual Density silicone dildo. Cuz this is kind of closer to skin. You can see why you need the lube. So I'm gonna get all slippery. You have to bear with me, what you're gonna do. You're gonna get some lube. You're gonna get it on the shaft and you're gonna get it on the testicles. And then you're gonna wipe your fingers a little bit.

All right. So the idea is, these two rings are basically rings. So you are gonna put them on, you don't have to be fully hard to do this, so it's maybe easier even if you're not. But what you're gonna do is you're gonna take the two rings, and now my hands are all slippery.

You're gonna slide them down the penis or the dildo, or a vibrator that has balls already. You can add even more vibration to your vibrator. Alright, so you've got this slid down. You're gonna take the one ring and you're gonna pop it over the testicles. That's again, why you really need your lube because that's gonna help, you know, so you won't get caught in hair or anything like that.

I'm just gonna give my hands a little bit of a wipe again, give this a little wipe down so you can see it better. And then the top is gonna pop over the head simple, right? Like totally simple. And then this is how it sits. So you've got a button on the top, so you're just gonna hold it down and it's gonna start vibrating. It's also really quiet. There you go. And then it's got the patterns.

So the other thing you're gonna notice is it has added some grip to the middle of the penis as well. It's also gonna give you that bit of constriction here. That's gonna clench the tubes of the testicles a little bit. That's gonna help you prolong your erection. And then it's got that bit of support here too. So that if you're somebody who might get a little flaccid during sex, or have some ED issues, this is gonna give you a little bit of support.

And then this is gonna have maybe not quite half an inch added to your girth, but also you've got ridges here. See? So that when you're using this with your partner, they're also gonna feel these lovely ridges. How cool is that? So the whole thing, I'll take it off again. I'm gonna cheat and just pull it off the base here. The whole thing is made of liquid silicone. So it's easy to wash. It's also completely waterproof.

So you can take this in the bath or the shower or the pool or wherever you wanna have a bit of fun, and it is rechargeable. So you have a charging cord that attaches with the magnet on the back here, ta da, and then you can charge it wherever you charge your phone. So how cool is that? I think it's just such a clever idea and so simple. And also like how easy would it be to just throw this in your luggage and take it with you when you're traveling?

I mean, the wearer is gonna feel that vibration as well. So if you stroke with it on, this is gonna move a bit. You're gonna feel that, or you know, a great toy for a weekend away with your partner. No, one's gonna know what this is in your luggage, right?

So there you have it. This is the Rocketeer. It's by Gender X, and you can get it at Betty's.



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