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Video Review of the Satisfyer Line of Clitoral Stimulators

The Satisfyer Pro 2 quickly became a bestseller with its unique pressure wave stimulation and orgasmic intensity. The original design was followed up by a whole line of unique designs all containing the same mind blowing power and ability to give multiple orgasms. Let out Product Manager walk you through the Satisfyer line of pressure wave stimulators and show you why these toys are unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

Video Transcript:

Hi guys it's Carolyn. I'm the Product Manager at Betty’s Toy Box and today I'm going to talk about a new line of dildos that we just got in from Blush Novelties. It is the Ruse line of dildos.

I wanted to show you the box on this one because they've got some really pretty packaging going on in nice colors. Now the Ruse line from Blush Novelties has a few different shapes and sizes. The one that I'm going to show you today is called Juicy.

There. This is the Juicy dildo. I really love the shape of this. I love the curves of it because it's got a really great upward curve for p-spot and g-spot stimulation. It's got some ridging and some veining that make it really realistic. The testicles – there, it's not a super heavy dildo. It's probably a medium heavy dildo and it's also got some veins through it which I really really like. It's nice and flexible.

One of the things that I really love about this line of dildos: First of all, they are silicone. The platinum cured silicone means they're really great quality. They're non-porous they’re body safe. You can boil them, you can freeze them, you can do some temperature play with them if that's what you want.

The other thing that I really really like about this whole line of dildos: they have fantastic suction cups. Well if you can easily see that but they do their suction cups really really deep at Blush and it makes them really powerful - more powerful than you would think it would be.

So, the fantastic line of dildos this one in particular it is a 7.25 complete. 5.5 (inches) insertable and 1.5 across. So, it's a nice medium sized dildo with kind of a medium bend to it.

But they are fantastic quality, the whole line. This particular one that you see it also comes in purple and of the others also come in variations of purple, black, and pink. So, they're all really really pretty.

Again, if you're looking for something that is kind of a medium price but a great quality, fantastic material and a really good suction cup, you can't go wrong with the new Ruse line from Blush Novelties.


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