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LELO Beads Weighted Kegel Exercise System

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Harness Compatible

This product is made of ABS Plastic - Read our Sex Toy Material Guide

This product is made of Rubber - Read our Sex Toy Material Guide

This product is made of Silicone - Read our Sex Toy Material Guide

What are Kegel Exercises and why they're Important

How to do Kegel Exercises

Don't forget the lube!

Betty's Dictionary of Sex Toy Terms

  • LELO Luna Beads. The world‚Äôs bestselling Kegel weights system

    For a great review of these beads, check out what sex toy reviewer and blogger Miss Ruby had to say about them <<<HERE!!!>>

    LELO's elegant update on the classic 'Ben wa balls' offers users longer, stronger, more attainable orgasms; reduced risk of incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders; and a faster return to tone and tightness after giving birth.

    The LUNA pleasure bead system is a combined pleasure / fitness system for the circum vaginal and pelvic floor (PC) muscles. Developed as a modular alternative to traditional geisha-balls, LUNA offers the advantage of increased resistance over time.

    Her movement-induced subtle vibe makes for more efficient, fun and pleasurable Kegel-exercising. Indeed, performing daily Kegels helps restrain and prevent stress incontinence, but benefits moreover include increased neuromuscular control, enhanced sensation and ultra-intense orgasms.

    They are also the only Kegel exercise system that offers you the chance to mix and match weights; each set includes two 28g (1 oz) and two 37g beads (1.3 oz), each 35 mm (1.37 inches) in diameter, which can be combined in the silicone harness for a more tailored routine.


    • Material: Body-safe ABS Plastic Beads & Silicone Combination Harness
    • Color: Pink, blue, white
    • Warranty:¬†1-Year Warranty & 10-Year Quality Guarantee
    • Manufacturer:¬†LELO
    • Brand:¬†LELO
    • UPC:¬†7350022270312
    • Additional Features:¬†Latex Free, Phthalate Free, Rubber-silenced Inner Beads for Discreet Enjoyment


    • Width: 1.37 inches, each bead
    • Weight:¬†two 28g (1 oz) and two 37g beads¬†(1.3 oz)
    Getting Acquainted
    Each set comes with four interchangeable beads; 2x 28g pink beads and 2x 37g blue beads. Start by wearing just 1 bead (with removal string) and see how it feels when you walk around your home!
    What LUNA‚ĄĘ Beads Do Best
    As your muscles get used to the sensation of a single bead, you can experiment with different weight combinations in the harness and create a personal training plan.
    Take Things a Step Further
    Feeling bold? With subtly arousing sensations that are totally silent, you can wear them out on your next date night for dinner or dancing; any activity turns into foreplay with LUNA Beads‚ĄĘ

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