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Coochy Sweat Defense & Moisture Wicking Lotion - Peony Prowess 3.4 oz


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Keep your Intimate area feeling fresh and delightfully dry. This no talc formula contains tapioca starch which wicks away moisture.

  • Perfect for under breasts and in those creases of your curves where sweat accumulates and can leave you feeling itchy and uncomfortable.
  • Rubs on like a lotion, then turns into a powder.
  • No more powder all over your floor and clothes! 
  • Light peony scent
  • Non-talc formula
  • No-Gluten & No-Parabens
  • Gentle enough for most skin types
  • Provides a strong barrier against wetness
  • Use on inner thighs, breasts and underarms
  • Helps prevent chaffing
  • Ideal for work outs and humid climates
  • After use avoid contact with dark clothing
  • Made in the USA