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Exsens Play Strawberry Flavored Lip Gloss Hot And Cold .26oz

by Exsens


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EXSENS Strawberry Arousal Lip Gloss will take your makeout session to the next level! 

With a gentle warming, buzzing sensation upon application, a cooling tingling sensation just seconds later, and a delicious strawberry flavor, it's no wonder this is a best seller!

This sugar free arousal lip gloss makes for fun smooch sessions, plus it is totally body safe! So just apply a dash to your lips and kiss your partner up, down and all around, for a little berrylicious lovin'!  

  • Strawberry flavored and scented
  • Lickable
  • Paraben free, sugar free
  • Vegan

Ingredients:  Glycerin, propylene glycol, aroma, carbomer, ethyl menthane, carboxamide, sodium saccarin, water, sodium hydroxide