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The Rose Powerful Clitoral Air Pulsation Vibrator


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The Tik Tok viral sensation and giver of thousands of orgasms!

The Rose feels like the best kind of oral sex, flickering onto your clitoris until you reach a crashing climax.

  • Powerful air pulsation stimulation device sending rapid and powerful pulsations directly onto your clitoris for a feeling that you won't believe.
  • 3 different levels and 4 patterns of air pulsation to deliver stimulation right onto your clitoris with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Made of ody safe silicone, rechargeable and splashproof!
  • So discreet! Leave it on your nightstand and nobody will know

MeasurementsOverall Length: 2.33 inches, Width: 1.98 inches 

About Clitoral suction/air pulsation/pressure wave stimulators

Clitoral suction/air pulsation/pressure wave stimulators are a type of clitoral stimulation that relies on pulsating waves of air hitting the clitoris. Instead of a standard vibrator that is pressed to the clitoris, an air pulsation product has a circular, hollow head that you put over the clitoris, surrounding it. The toy then pulses air onto the clitoris for an amazing sensation similar to oral sex. The power of the air pulsation often stimulates below the surface of the clitoris and into the arms deep within your body, leading to very intense, prolonged orgasms.