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Letters to Penthouse XXIV


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It's Sweet To Cheat! Is fidelity overrated? The sexy women and men you're about to meet in these pages - straight out of the sizzling files of Penthouse magazine - shamelessly say yes, and they have found dozens of delicious ways to practice what they preach. Whether cruising the supermarket or scoring with a stripper, pleasuring the boss or going wild on vacation, getting carnal in the carpool or making a cyber-sex fantasy come true, these cheating hearts are only asking: Are they betraying a trust, or just breaking loose and having a little fun? As every amazing page of every all-real letter will prove, only one thing is certain... cheating has never felt so good. The Chapter Titles in Letters to Penthouse XXIV: What's A Girl To Do When There Are So Many Guys Ready, Willing and Able, If Marriage Smothers You, You Have To Find Another Outlet for Those Impulses, Every Man Needs To Be Equipped With The Right Tools For All Occasions, She Has To Take Care Of Her Mounting Excitement While She Waits For Him, She Was A Mature Wife and Mother Who'd Never Cheat - Certainly Not With a Strange Black Stripper, When Her Husband Stood Her Up She Wore Her Sexy Outfit For Someone Else and many more.