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Romantic Melting Rose Petals for the Bath

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  • Everyone is looking for that infamous romantic Hollywood scene to recreate, but sometimes it can be a bit ...out of reach. Not with Melting Rose Petals! These romantic rose petals feel and smell like the real thing and can be used to make that exciting trail of petals to the bed or bath. Also, bonus, once you get to the bath, the fun continues as these petals can simply melt away any stress or anxiety as they are delicately dropped into the bath. There’s nothing more romantic than roses, their silky petals and anticipation. It comes with a mesh bag filled with 1.4 oz (40g) of melting rose petals. 


    • Volume: 2 Ounces
    • Flavor:
    • Manufacturer: Kheper Games
    • Brand: Kheper Games
    • UPC: 825156110126
    • Safety: 
    • Additional Features: Scented


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