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Powerect Performance Cream for Stronger Erections 1.6 fl oz Pump


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Greater Satisfaction, Maximum Pleasure! POWERECT is a specifically formulated, easy-to-apply topical cream made with 100% natural ingredients for men who require extra support in the heat of the moment and prefer not to take pills.

  • It can be applied and re-applied as desired putting the power firmly in your hands.
  • Delivers rapid results.
  • Boosts responsiveness and vitality, enabling you to go again and again.
  • Perform with confidence even after a night out.
  • Enjoy peak performance and endurance from foreplay to finish. 
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage. 
  • Latex condom and sex toy friendly
  • No complicated dosing regime
  • No strict application process
  • No embarrassing prescription required - can be bought freely without medical advice
  • No contra indications or unpleasant side effects
  • No lifestyle changes required
  • Does not numb or desensitise
  • Feels good for you and your partner