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Your Sexual Health : A Guide to Understanding Loving and Caring for Your Body

by Ingram


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Get bite-sized sex health tips from the gyno who’s seen it all. Dr. Kate White, M.D., M.P.H., OB-GYN gives front-line advice on gyno health, period health, sex health, and reproductive health, dispelling old-wives’ tales and offering fresh research, with topic titles such as “your vagina should smell (and taste) like a vagina;” “treat your vulva like the Hope Diamond;” “we don’t care if you’ve shaved;” “a partner who doesn’t have a clitoris may not know where yours is;” “if you have eggs and your partner has sperm, think about contraception;” and “there’s no wrong or unnatural way to deliver a baby.”

Dr. Kate fills in the gaps left by modern sex education in an accessible and prescriptive way. Your Sexual Health provides answers to your burning questions about your reproductive health (and yes—even questions about vaginal burning!) and tells you things you may have never even thought to ask.

As one of the country’s leading gynecologists, vice chair of academics, director of the Fellowship in Complex Family Planning at Boston Medical Center, and associate professor of OB-GYN at the Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Kate White arms readers with questions to ask of their own “doctor downstairs.” Addressing topics like taking care of your vaginal health, regulating your menstrual cycle, eliminating painful periods, choosing the right birth control, and achieving orgasms, you’ll understand your body in a new way through 69 easy-to-digest sections. And while many books about women’s health care focus on the experiences of heterosexual women, Dr. Kate provides a friendly, inclusive guide for all readers with female parts, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Throughout Your Sexual Health, you’ll learn how to:

• Understand how your body is normal — and notice when it’s not.
• Have periods that don’t ruin your life — or your clothes.
• Get in touch with your body and your partner for the best sex of your life.
• Protect your body from STDs and STIs.
• Learn the often-normal causes for occasionally abnormal pap smears.
• Discover the right contraception for your body.

Your Sexual Health is the perfect high school graduation gift or college graduation gift. It’s filled with trustworthy and approachable information, making it your board-certified bedside confidante until you can see your gyno.