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Thick Vibrators for Size Queens: Betty’s Guide to Finding the Girth and Width You Crave

Thick vibrators are difficult to find, with manufacturers often focussing on pinpoint stimulation rather than that feeling of fullness we sometimes crave. Here is Betty's guide to some of the biggest you can find and some tricks to make the ones you own even bigger! 

The Fun Factory Big Boss G5 Silicone Waterproof Vibrator 

Almost 2 inches in girth with a rumble that will blow your mind. This is a luxury vibe for sure, but with it flexible shaft and silky smooth silicone outer material, as well as its slightly bulbous head, it is well worth the money. The Big Boss also features that fantastic looping handle that Fun Factory is so well known for, letting you keep your grip no matter how slippery the situation. You can see our video review of this amazingly satisfying vibe. 

The Swan Wand Rechargeable Waterproof Silicone Vibrator

When you hear the word “wand” to describe a sex toy, it usually means something non-insertable but the Swan Wand Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator is a VERY pleasant surprise. Not only do you get a fantastic, smooth, waterproof 100% silicone exterior, you get 2 incredible Power Bullet motors, one at each tip with 7 functions each. And, most importantly for our purposes here, you get TWO insertable ends. The larger end of a whopping 2.15 inches in diameter, while the smaller one is 1.6.

Satisfyer Vibes Master XXL Rechargeable Vibrator

This Satisfyer Vibrator earns its name with a generous 1.85 inches in width. This is a firm vibrator with a pronounced crown, so it feels great on the g-spot plus the looped handle makes it easier to keep your grip when the action heats up. You get 6 power levels and 6 patterns with this one as well, so lots of options for play time. 

Swell Inflatable Vibrating Remote Control Silicone Dildo - 8.5 Inch

What could be more thrilling than a dildo that actually swells inside you? Starting at an already generous 1.8 Inches deflated, the handy wireless remote controll lets you grow it to an impressive 2.1 Inches. You can control the 3 speeds and 4 patterns of vibration through the remote as well. Want to see it in action? Lucky for you, we have a video review!


Power Pounder 10.75 Inch Vibrating And Thrusting Waterproof Silicone Dildo

If realism is more your thing, the Power Pounder is a fantastic option. Although is has realistic veins and ridges, it is still a firm toy with 1.85 inches in width. The handle also allows you more control over your movement, as well as being easier to maneuver for anybody who has trouble with reaching or gripping. The Power  Pounder is also one of the absolute widest thrusting toys you can find, so you're not limited to simple vibration with this gem. 

Dr Skin Dr Joe 8 Inch Vibrating Dildo by Blush Novelties

This gorgeous vibrating dildo is a generous 2 inches thick, making it a great addition to this list for all you size queens out there. The beauty of Dr. Joe is that it is available in 3 lovely skin tones for a very affordable price point plus it has a suction cup. This is not a powerhouse vibrator like the Big Boss or Swan Wand. Both the materials, and the wired, battery operated controls on this means it has a moderate level of vibrating power but with that g-spot curve and realistic ridging, we can forgive Dr. Joe anything. 


A great trick if you have a moderate sized vibrator and want to add some thickness is to invest in a penis enhancer sleeve. 

This sleeve is the Silicone 2 inch Penis Extension by XR Brands and you can slide it over your vibrator to add another 2 inches to its length and about 1/2 and inch in width. If you decide to go this route, you can find a number of enhancers in Betty's Penis Extensions and Enhancers department. A few tips when choosing one that will work:

  • The vibrator should be at least 1.5 inches across already, which is the width of the average male erect penis, and the standard that most enhancers are made to fit. You don't want it slipping off
  • Try to stick with silicone, since it is the safest for your body and should not react poorly against other vibrator materials. 
  • Don't leave the enhancer on your vibrator after use. If the materials are not compatible, they can deteriorate through prolonged exposure. 




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