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5 Best Sex Positions for G-Spot Orgasms

Experimenting with g-spot stimulation is tons of fun whether you’re doing it solo or with a partner. If you still haven’t figured yours out yet, check out our article on How to Find Your G-Spot first, then get ready to put all you’ve learned into practice. Sexual positions can make all the difference in locating your g-spot and giving it the kind of constant, firm stimulation that most women find they need, so let’s take a look at some of the best.

Doggy Style

This position is the undisputed ruler of the g-spot whether you’re flying solo or with a partner. When you are on your hands and knees, being entered from behind, the penis will aim down, according to the way your bodies are aligned. Similarly, it’s a great position for harness play, or for playing with toys that may not have that very specific g-spot curve. We recommend adding a finger vibrator like the Aria Finger Wand so you can include clitoral stimulation as well. 

Woman on Top or Cowgirl

This position is all about you having the control to find the right angle. If your partner is sitting propped against some pillows and a headboard, their penis will naturally tilt towards their body when you get in the straddling position. This gives their penis or dildo the angle you need to hit the anterior wall your vaginal wall where the g-spot is located. A vibrating cock ring like the Clit Flicker Silicone Ring is going to give her extra clitoral stimulation in this position as well. 

G-Whiz or Legs Over Shoulders

From the missionary position, put your legs up and prop them on your partner’s shoulders if you can bend that far. If not, try one let up, one leg propped on the bed. You will be bent in half, but it means that your partner will naturally be aiming for the anterior (front) wall of your vagina again. It is a very deep position, so experiment with shallow thrusts and be careful your partner doesn’t bump your cervix in the process.

Counter or Tabletop Style

Sit yourself on a counter or table at a height that is even with your partner’s hips, then lay back while they stand and enter you. Putting your legs over their shoulders is optional or have them hold your legs but this will angle them nicely upwards to hit your g-spot. This is a pretty deep position, so be careful of the cervix again. For extra fun, try having your partner hold your legs up and cross them in an x position for a super tight fit. Don’t forget the lube!


This position is a great one if you want to go long and easy. Both of you lay on your sides and you are entered from behind. The angle is a great one for pushing against the g-spot and tends to be shallow, so you won’t be risking a bump to the cervix. You may have to lift your leg or bend forward away from your partner a bit for the initial penetration, then you can work out the angle that works best for you. A great lube like Sliquid Silk really helps to ease the way in this position. 

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