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A-Play Beaded Vibrating Anal Beads with Remote Video Review

Curious about anal beads? Get an up close and personal look at these fun vibrating anal beads complete with remote control!  


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and today I'm going to bring you this beaded beauty from A Play line from Doc Johnson. Now if you are, I would say probably an intermediate to more advanced player, you're going to love this. I mean, if you're an adventurous beginner, by all means I'm not going to judge. You can see for yourself what you're willing to use.

This is a beautiful, beautiful plug, silky silicone. It’s got three graduated beads. It's super flexible, which I really like. The neck once it's in is super narrow and then you can see that the base is slender. For some people, they might want to keep it in and wear it. Other people that might be a little too wide, totally up to you again, but this is just a beautiful silky waterproof little anal vibe and its remote control.

Okay, so let's take a closer look. Now you're going to slide off the back, put in triple a battery. It’s not included unfortunately, so I already put that in there. The buttons are really easy to use. I’m going to start with this because you don't have to use the remote control. So, you've got the little on button there. Just hold it down and then the buttons are going to light up like so. And then again here with the remote control, you’ve got the little on button, hold it down. Lights are going to come on. That means they're ready to talk to one another. If you don't want to use the remote, you run outate batteries, whatever, no problem. You can still use this; you just press the power buttons. You can scroll around. But if you're going to use the remote, then the bigger button is going to control it.

So, you ready? So, it's got 1, 2, 3. And then you get into the patterns. Now you can really feel the vibration, which right here, which is where you're going to have all those sphincter muscles like all the way. And then this is, even though they're all flexible, this is like the very tip is really flexible too. So that it's going to be really easy to insert.

Now I'm just going to pull down the power button, turn it off, turns off both, remember also to hold the power button down and turn off that, make sure they're both off or else you're going to be wasting battery or wasting your recharge. So, this is completely rechargeable in the box, you get the little pouch, which is great because silicone attracts dust. You get a cute little storage pouch; you get the instructions, and you get your charging cord.

 So, the other really great thing about this, like I said, it’s, you can see when your kind of judging, You know how wide it actually is. Why don't we do a demo? I have my stunt butt  here with me.

Okay, so first I'm going to put on a little bit of lube. Now this is one of my personal favorites. This is Wicked Simply Hybrid. Hybrid means that it's water with a little touch of silicone, which is why it has a milky look to it. It makes it a really long-lasting lube because of that touch of silicone, but it's still safe to use on silicone toys. Love it.

 So, as you can see, you know, with my little stunt butt here, and you're going to feel pop every single bit when it goes in you. And that's one of the beauties of anal beads, right? When they're in, they go deeper, but the beauty of them is also the coming in and out. And so, this has that nice base, the nice wide base that gives you a good grip to, there you go.

So, there you have it. This is the now lubed up A Play Beaded plug with remote control, and you can get it at any of the links listed below.

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