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Add Girth and Length with Realrock Penis Extenders - Video Review

Be a bigger, better deal and add length plus girth with these easy to use extenders. See our up close and personal video review. Find out how to use one and which may be right for your body.


Hey everybody it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and today I am coming to you with two different Realrock penis extenders and I really want to talk about how they fit, which one you might want to choose, what style, and how they work. I'm going to show you so stay tuned.

Okay so I'm going to start with this penis sleeve. This is a very typical kind of penis extender that you see very commonly from a lot of manufacturers and we're going to take a look so that you can see whether this might be right for you.

This is what it looks like out of the box, and you can see it's got nice veins and ridging and stuff like that. This is made of TPE which is Thermoplastic Elastomer, so it has a slightly powdery feel to it that'll go away when you wash it or when you use Lube with it. But I just want to take a look at this type of sleeve and who it might work for.

So, the thing with a sleeve like this is you need to be able to maintain an erection to keep this on. It's extremely flexible. It's also extremely stretchy and you could theoretically trim the bottom, but I'd be worried about it ripping. It's not really made for that. You can see how this one kind of comes in, that it's meant to encompass you. Now the tip here is totally squishy. This is a 6-inch extension. It adds probably about an inch to your length but that's going to assume that you can kind of fill some of it.

Here's the best way that you can use it. This is one of my very favorite lubes. This is Wicked Simply Hybrid, so it's a silicone and water mixture that lasts a really long time. It's super silky and it's safe on any kind of material.

What you can do - I'm going to use my handy stunt penis - is I'm going to put some lube. Actually, I want to show you the lube. Doesn’t that kind of looks like cum, which a lot of people really like. So, I'm going to get lubed up and then I'm going to take the extender and you can actually roll it like you would like a pair of socks or stockings and then you go slip it down over the penis.

Now that I've done this you can see that it will kind of roll over so that gives you the potential for maybe having it on even if you can't fill it. So, this is what it looks like when it's on. You could have some bunching, depending. This is the end of the dildo, and this is the extension, but you can see that you need to have an erection, or this is going to kind of fall off.

You can just slide it back and then you're going to clean it with some soap and water. So, for example this is a packer. A packing dildo is made for gender expression and anybody who wants to literally pack it in their pants, but you can see that it looks more like a flaccid penis. So, if you're going to slide that on nothing's going to hold the end of that, not really. So, this is something that you need to take into consideration. The other thing too that you can do is we actually have if you look at the links below, we have some plugs that you can put in. So, if you can't completely fill an extension, we do have some plugs that you can buy separately that you can put inside to help you fill out an extension. And then your own erection would come to a certain point. You could have a plug and then I know that's getting complicated I don't mean to confuse you so let's now take a look at the other style of extension and what that might be useful.

This is a hollow extension with a strap for the testicles. Now this is a sturdier style extension. Again, this is a TPE material, so it feels a little powdery on the outside. Now this is an 8-inch extension and what this has is the strap for the testicles. Now it is also TPE which means super bendy and then it's hollow until you get up to the tip.

So once again my Wicked Hybrid. We're going to lube up our penis. Put a squirt inside here because why not. And again, because it's really flexible you can roll it down. This isn't a real penis, so I don't have to be careful. I can just slide it in. What you're going to do is you're going to slide it on and then this strap is going to around the testicles. So, what does this do? What it does is it gives you a sturdier grip so that nothing is going to slide off. Remember when we showed you this one. If you lose your erection that it's going to come off just like an old condom or something like that. It's going to fall right off. But keep in mind this is still also flexible. You are going to need to have somewhat of an erection to keep this up because it is so squishy. But the ball strap will keep it in place better than just a sheath that's going to slide on.

The penis in the dildo comes to about here and then you've got your extension at the back. Again, if you can't fill it, you can use tissue paper. You can use something else to help fill it. And then let's take a look at how this works.

It's super realistic and I also like this because it has that curve at the end which is going to be really great if you're aiming for your partner's G-spot or a prostate. This also has a bit of length to it so that if you are longer this is going to fit you. It's also very stretchy so if you are somebody who is maybe more endowed, and you want to be even more endowed this is something that can also use. You can see it's got a lot of stretch and give to it.

These are both Realrock Extensions. They're fantastic extensions. I just want everyone to know what you can, and you can't use them for and how they fit. But these feel amazing they're nice and silky soft. You get some lube on them, and they really have a delicious kind of glide.

So, there you go this is with ball strap and without caramel and vanilla these are Realrock extensions, and you can get them at the links b

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