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What are Rabbit Vibrators & Dual Stimulators? (A Video Tutorial)

Rabbit vibrators are worldwide bestsellers but what are they exactly, and how do you use one?

Join Betty's manager and learn all about how to choose a rabbit and how to use one for amazing orgasms.

Follow the links below to see the products in more detail.

Hop Rave Rabbit Vibrator - Aquamarine Blue

Womanizer Duo Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator & G-Spot Vibrator - Black

We-Vibe Nova 2 Flexible G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator 

California Dreaming Orange County Cutie Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator - Orange

California Dreaming San Francisco Sweetheart Rabbit Vibrator - Pink

Wellness G Wave Dual Stimulation Vibrator with Handle

The Butterfly Effect Hands-Free Remote Control Rabbit Vibrator

California Dreaming Sierra Sensation Vibrator - Green

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box. And today we are going to talk about rabbit vibrators and dual stimulators.

What's the difference? Well, I'm going to let you know, so let's start with rabbits. Okay. What are they called? Rabbits? Well, it's because when they were first invented in Japan, they wanted to have a sex toy that looked less threatening and was probably going to get past censorship. So they decided that if they were going to add cute little animal features to it, it might actually squeak past the sensors. So they decided to put the little rabbit feature on the outside. [Hop Rave silicone rabbit vibrator]

Now it's generally in the shape of a bunny, and that's the outer clitoral stimulator part. And then you have a shaft that goes inside the body. If you watch Sex in the City, you might remember that there was a rabbit craze that they started from one that they had on their show.

And rabbits have evolved a lot since then. Actually they've evolved so much. Now they're often called dual stimulators. So this would be a good example of something that you would consider a dual stimulator. [Womanizer duo pleasure air clitoral stimulator] The reason it's called that is simply because it doesn't have that cutesiness. It's not a rabbit, right? So manufacturers didn't want to keep using that term.

They thought okay, it's stimulating two areas. We're going to call it a dual stimulator. So this We-Vibe Nova is a good example of that, right? It's sleek. It's got a really powerful motor. It's got a bendy arm that's going to fit all different kinds of anatomy. This is a higher-end rabbit slash dual stimulation toy, but it still does the same thing. It's got this G-spot curve. It's going to go in the body. And then it's got the outer arm as well.

A lot of these products that I'm showing have their own separate videos. So if you want to check them out, feel free. They're on our YouTube channel.

Now another kind of dual stimulator that you can have slash rabbit would be something like this, the crests, right? This is the Orange County California Dreaming from Cal Exotics. Now, you know, this is the vibrating outer part that's going to stimulate the clitoris. And then this part thrusts inside, and it's got that G-spot tip.

Or this is another from the California Dreaming line, this part vibrates. And this part does that come hither motion. That feels really great on your G-spot. And then you can have something like this, like the Wellness G Wave from Blush Novelties.

So what they've done is they've taken that rabbit, dual stimulator look, and they've added a handle to it and made this part really long so it can fit all kinds of different bodies.

And then you move on to something like that. [Butterfly effect hands free rabbit vibrator] Is it a rabbit? Well, technically, yeah, it's a dual stimulator. You've got vibration on the outside. It's going to hit your clitoris, and then you have an internal arm that's going to go on your G-spot. So yeah, you would find this in the rabbit or dual-stimulator area. It's just that you put it in and it's hands free.

This one has no handle. And then you can have something like that [California dreaming sierra sensation dual stimulation vibrator], this really small and petite one. So it's going to not insert very far and just have a little bit of external G-spot stimulation, still a dual stimulator or a rabbit vibrator.

And then on the exact opposite end of the spectrum from this little guy here, you would have something like this: so this is the Womanizer Duo. Would you call this a rabbit? No, it really is a dual stimulator. It looks nothing like a rabbit, but it still stimulates two parts of your anatomy. You've got the sucker here. That's going to give the air pulsation onto the clitoris, and then you've got the flexible G-spot part that goes on the outside. So there you go. Technically it could be called a rabbit or it could be called a dual stimulator, just like this one, stimulating two parts, generally the clitoris and the G-spot is what makes it a dual stimulation or rabbit vibrator.

But they come in so many different sizes and shapes now that, you know, it can be really confusing. So at least now when you go in, you're looking in the department and you'll see why there's such a wide array in sizes and shapes and colors and designs.

If you need help, contact us, we're really happy to help you pick something out that's going to work for your body. Check out the other videos that we've done on some of these products individually and pick one up. 'Cause there are still some of the most popular toys in the world. And there is a very good reason for that.

So whether you want dual stimulator or a rabbit, we have a huge selection, and you can get them at Betty's.

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