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Anal Safety 101: What You Can and Can't Put in Your Butt

I’m the manager of Betty's Toy Box, and we are gonna have a little chat today. This is gonna be a fun one.

We're gonna talk about butts, and more specifically what you can and cannot put in your butt.

Now I know you guys are savvy. You've probably been all over Google, and you've seen those stories about people who got these horrifying things caught in their bums. Now those are kind of funny, but the truth is that the most common things that people get caught in their butts are vegetables. So stay away from those carrots and cucumbers! 

So we're going to talk a little bit about what makes a safe sex toy for your butt.

Now here's our little anatomy lesson: this is your anus. Now this has two sets of muscles: the sphincter muscles. The outside ones, are the ones that you can work them with the lube and they'll relax a little bit, make it easier for you to have anal penetration.

But you have an inside set, and those are involuntary, and quite frankly they're the ones that keep you from pooping yourself. They keep everything in there. But the other thing they do is, if you put something in, it will kind of suck the things in there. And there's a lot more space in there than you think there is. So what's happening is, if people are putting the wrong things in their bums because they're curious about anal play, they can get sucked in there.

Now you might think okay, so I’ll just poop it out, but that's not always the best option. It's not always possible, and you can get some tears. You can really hurt yourself. So chances are you might end up in the ER if you get this kind of a situation. So what do you do?

Well, I'm going to show you why you should use specific anal toys for your anal play, and this is a big reason why. It has to do with the bases. Now this is a very tiny little beginner anal plug with a pointy tip on it, great for beginners. And it can go right in there, but this base keeps it from going any further than you want it. And this is the big key when it comes to anal toys. So if you're just starting, and you want something that's easy to use, you're gonna want this.

Don't use this once you get lubricant involved, particularly which you have to have when you're having anal play, because you know your butt doesn't self-lubricate the way a vagina does. This is going to get slippery, and if you lose your grip, it can get sucked up in there. So don't be using this; as cute as this is, don't be using it to put inside your butt. You can get all kinds of different shapes and sizes. You can get training kits that let you work up through the stages.

The other kind of anal play toys you can get are things like this that have a loop on the end so you can hang on to them when you're using them. Or these beads, see how it's got the loop there? It makes it much safer. Once you get your lube involved, these are going to be incredibly slippery. You want to be able to keep your grip on stuff.

The other kind of base you want to look for is something like this, which is a specific prostate toy made to angle towards the prostate. This stays on the outside, and it helps to stimulate your perineum. Fantastic toys as well.

Or then you can have this kind of little like base. These actually make it fairly comfortable for long term wear if that's something that you want to experiment with, something that's curved and flat. What you do not want is something like this, or something even like this, just stay away. Get your specific anal toys and save yourself a lot of pain and hassle 

Even a dildo works great, you know. Nothing's going to harm you there. If that's the kind of thing that you want to use, then you can have at it, but, you know, we want to keep you safe, and we want to make sure that you're using the kinds of toys that are meant for the kind of play that you want to do. And honestly they're not super expensive - silicone toys, simple beginner plugs, they are no pricier than your average smaller vibrator, anyway.

So why not invest in something that's actually made for the job, even if you just want to do a little bit of experimenting. It's not going to break the bank. So here you go, and we'll take one more look at our little butt here, and remember: always use anal toys for anal play! Keep yourself safe. We don't want to see you in the ER!

And this is your public service announcement from Betty's Toy Box.


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