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Be Bigger Than You Ever Imagined! Big Boy Vibrating Penis Extender

Get a peek at these unique extenders that feature cut outs all down the shaft - unique peek-a-boo holes so you can see yourself and feel your partner. Add inches to your length plus vibration with this soft silicone extender complete with remote control! Check out our video review below. 


Hey everybody it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and today I am bringing you both colors of the Zero Tolerance Big Boy Penis Extenders. Now they're not joking. These things are big but they're so cool so let's get into it.

Here are the Big Boy Penis Extenders and you can see these are quite long extenders, but they do have that great ball strap on the end so that's going to help keep it in place.

Let's take a closer look and you can see what these actually do. This is the vanilla. This is the chocolate. Let's get into it. This is the Big Boy Extender in the chocolate color. Now one of the things that makes it really unique is all the holes that are along the side right. It's so different from other extenders because usually they completely encompass you and you can't feel anything of what's going on with your partner. But this way you've got all of the ability to really feel your partner when you're playing.

Now this is a vibrating extender, so it's actually got a remote control and one of the beautiful things is they actually include a battery, so you don't have to go searching around. It's got the battery included. You just have to pop it in.

I'm just going to give you some of the details before we turn this on and see what it's all about. It is made of silicone which is fantastic. That makes it body safe and nonporous. It is liquid silicone so it's nice and stretchy which makes it comfortable to put on. The vibration comes in the tip here. If I bend this, you can see that this part here is the solid part. The tip has a little bit of squish right on the end but really for the most part this is a powerful vibrating bullet. It's even got the power button right there.

In terms of who can wear this extender it's not going to be for somebody who can't get an erection. It just doesn't have the flexibility right or the stability in the middle for you to be able to not have an erection and hold this up. So, you're going to have to have an erection to begin with.

Let's look at how it works. I'm going to use my handy dandy stunt penis to show you what this is all about. So basically what you're going to do is you're going to put some lube on the penis and you're going to put a little bit of lube inside as well and then you're going to slide yourself in and then you're going to take the ball straps and you're going to (it helps if you put some lube on your balls and the ball strap as well). You can slide that on and then you can see this is in place now.

I deliberately wanted to use the penis that I am because it is a standard size 4.75 insertable inches. The insertable length of this is 5.5 so if you have a standard size penis you might be left with a little bit of space. That's something that you want to keep in mind. You can see right through there which might give you a little bit of room. Then you can try pulling it down a little bit more or you could even try putting some tissue or something in the tip but this is made for somebody with round like maybe a five, five point 25 inch erect penis or else it's it might not fit the way that you want it to.

So now that it's on and you've got the ball strap on it, you're going to take a look at the vibration. Okay so button for the power is up here. You're going to hold it down and then you see it's going to light up. That means it's going to be ready to talk to your remote control. So, there is a power button on the remote control. Hold that down, lights going to come on and now they're talking to one another. And then you press the little zigzag on top and now you've got the vibration. So, can you hear it? All the vibration is going to be in the tip here. It's got one two three (levels of vibration) and then you get into patterns and then when you want to turn it off you just hold down the power button. The other thing I will tell you is remember to turn the power off on the device itself.

Okay you can control this see I just did it by pressing the buttons on the sleeve so if you lose the remote or if you don't have it handy or if the battery is dead, you can control it here as well. Just remember to turn it off. It's going to save your charge. Hold it down and that's going to turn it off.

This like every other extender you can come inside of it. Not a problem. You just wash it out with some soap and water. It's completely waterproof which is fantastic.

There's the two of them together again completely waterproof, completely body safe, phthalate free so that means for your partner too if you want to use it for anal you can, for vaginal you can, for oral you can. You can take it in the bath you can take it in the shower.

It is a big extender though just keep that in mind. Take a look at the measurements and it's also big for the partner who's going to be having this inside them. It's somewhere between 1.75 inches across. It's a fairly girthy okay and the tip is more solid.

So, there you have it this is the Big Boy Vibrating Penis Extenders. You can get it at any of the links below.

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