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The Hottest Vibe of the Year! See the Snail Curve in Action

Snail Curve looks like nothing you've seen before and will rock your world with 2 powerful rumbly motors and a unique shape that gives you deeply penetrating internal vibration while never losing contact with your clitoris. Check out our in depth review to see what it's all about!


Hey everybody it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and today I am bringing you the Dual stimulation vibe that blew my mind last year now in a different and maybe improved format. Let's take a look.

This is the Snail Vibe. It came out last year in another iteration. This is the original and honestly it really blew me away. One of the things that a lot of people complain about with a dual stimulation vibrator, which is another name for a rabbit, is that it doesn't have enough power. Well, the Snail Vibe definitely took care of that issue.

Here's the original Snail Vibe. The whole idea is that this is the handle, and this part stays in constant contact with the clitoris. If you want to see how it works, these are still available. They are fantastic. You can take a look at the links below because I did do a video for these when they came out.

Now let's take a look at the new version. This is the new Snail Vibe. Kudos to them, the original also had a carrying case. It's not discreet but you know a fantastic actually sturdy carrying case with a zipper. Open her up and what have we got?

This is the new Snail Vibe Curve. Okay why curve? I'm going to show you. You can see when you look at this one why it's called that. You've obviously got more of a curve on this one. This one (the original) was very straight. They still have the same power They still work on the same principles. This is a different shape and they've added a handle and then they've made this ball smaller.

Now you might be saying okay Carolyn I don't know anything about the original Snail so why do I care? Well, nothing wrong with the original. It's one of my favorite dual stimulators. In fact, it's kind of like having the power of two wand vibrators in one and this is no different.

What this has is curve for the G-Spot and then a pared down ball. You can see the ball has the same kind of roll. In fact, it's even easier to roll with this one because the ball is slightly smaller although it's still nice and wide. One of the things I have to say is as I'm rolling, I can feel these ridges on my hand and that's without putting on any kind of power. Now obviously you can see I'm gripping this finger hold. It's not just the finger hold. It's also the buttons so that's another great feature of this. And then you've got this G-spot curve.

The one thing you should know is this is extremely firm so if that's something you think might not be very comfortable for you keep that in mind, but you really don't have to insert this too far before you start to feel the motion and the feeling of the motors. You've got a motor in here (ball) and you've got a motor in here (insertable branch). They can each be powered separately and they're each pretty much as powerful as a heavy-duty wand. So, if you're somebody who wants a lot of power internally and externally this might be something to consider.

One of the things about a lot of rabbit vibrators is that it loses contact with the clitoris, so this is something they've solved through this kind of movement. Another thing is that you often have either all the power on that external clitoral part or all the power and there's rotation and all kinds of things going on in the internal part and it gets a bit confusing, or you know this isn't enough, and now this is too much.

What you've got here is two different motors and simple plus and minus buttons. I hope you can see those. You're going to hold down the plus button and you can see this is going. Now can you see it moving. So, this now is vibrating rather intensely and then if you want to put on this one you hold down the other plus button and now you've got two of them. So, you know it's rather impressive. You can feel some of the vibration in the handle but it's not enough to numb you. What's going on with each of these is an incredibly intense vibration and this is just on the lowest setting but it's incredibly quiet. I'm turning this one up and up and up and now I can turn this one up and up. Can we hear it?

What's happening is as you're using this you basically have this constant bumping contact but the angle… Okay I should turn this off because it's distracting. You just hold down the minus buttons and it's going to turn it off. So, you can control them both independently. They have intensities of vibration and then they each have some patterns as well and because the patterns are so intense you really feel them. You can feel it all through you.

Now one of the things that makes this really fantastic and the whole idea with the Dual stimulator is that it's supposed to be stimulating your clitoris and internally your G-spot or your cervix whatever you want to stimulate internally. Most people are aiming for the G-Spot. The whole thing with G-spot orgasms is that a lot of them are really dependent on having the entire internal arms of the clitoris being very engorged and aroused and a lot of rabbits don't deliver enough either inside or outside to kind of get that deep vibration that go goes all the way through. The Snail does. Both a Snail original and the Snail Curve they do deliver that much power. So, if you're somebody who likes the wand externally this is like having a wand internally and externally. It delivers a tremendous amount of deep pounding stimulation inside that's going to really get everything going. It's great for anybody who has a real time orgasming with something that is not very powerful. But like I said you're going to have to be aware that it is incredibly powerful and also this is firm.

It's waterproof. You can take it in the bath you can take it in the shower get your favorite lube and have some fun. I really like Wicked Simply Hybrid. So, this is a water and silicone mixture with a little bit of silicone with the water. So, what it does is it makes it more viscous and longer lasting but it's still safe with silicone toys. I would say get some of that and get this. It actually comes in four colors now. They're really really lovely.

It is USB rechargeable, so it's got the little pins on the back, and you just put the cord in there. Any kind of USB base is going to be able to charge this and I'm going to show you once again the original because like I said there's absolutely nothing wrong with the original. It is fantastic. It's larger as you can see in a lot of ways.  The ball to hang on is a big ball rather than a small hook and it is straight. Now the one thing I can say for this is it is straight but it's good if you like that interior fornix which basically means instead of going forward to the G-Spot you're going back. If you like that kind of movement then this is really good for that as well.

There you have it. This is the Snail original, and this is the Snail Curve and we have it in stock. You can get it at any of the links below.

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