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Exsens Escape Pleasure Kit for Sexy Fun During Getaways Video Review

Join Betty's manager and take a peek into this fun bag with everything you need for your next romantic getaway in one cute little kit. TSA-Friendly, Vegan, and Paraben-free pleasure tools all in one super cute iridescent pink zipper bag.

Pick up your very own Escape Kit at the link below 


Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's. And today I am doing an unpackaging of this Exsens Escape Body Kit.

I love this brand. And it's summer. If you are going somewhere fun, having like a little naughty weekend or something like that, this is what you're gonna wanna take with you. So let's get into it. You can see what we've got. So I'm gonna take off the cardboard and then open 'er up, and look at this: it's such an adorable little zippered kit. So what it has in it is everything you need for a sexy little weekend away.

And what do we have inside? You have the Exsens Aqua lubricant. You need this in your life. It is silky and lovely. It doesn't get tacky. It lasts a long time. I love this lube. So this is definitely a must-have for a sexy weekend away.

And then you have, oh yeah. Oh, I love this stuff. Their lip gloss. It has this hot and cold effect. So you put it on and then, you know, for like kissing or oral or, you know, whatever it is that you wanna get up to, it has this. It's a flavoured gloss. So it's got this lovely little taste to it. And then it leaves like a hot and cold kind of feeling.

Oh yeah, you get vegan condoms. You get two vegan condoms. Very important.

And then I'm gonna take out the little packaging things. Oh, look at this. This is so cute. The little like kinda holographic, and then, oh yeah. This is the good stuff. You're getting some of their massage oil packets. Now, their massage oils are just like, they taste absolutely amazing. I've never had one that tastes quite this good.

So there you go. You have everything you need for a sexy little weekend away. You have your kit, you've got your massage oil. You've got your condoms. You've got your lip gloss. You've got your lube, and when you put it all in there, you've got just enough room for like a little toy or something like that.

So there you have it. This is the Exsens Escape travel kit for all your naughty weekend away needs this summer, and you can get it at Betty's.

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